Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Farewell Founders - Forever.

Before I go I just want to write about Founders. It’s sad to write but this is the last time I’ll walk down this musty smelling hall... Last time I’ll shower in a cubicle covered in the hair of strangers. This all sounds delicious – and it is – but this place has been a home to me over the past several months. I got my own little room which was big enough with a sink, desk, chair, mirror, wardrobe and heater. This room represents the first time I lived out of home and by myself. It was pretty neat. I mean this building looks like a palace but is a dump on the inside but I will miss it eventually – eventually...
It is amazing architecturally and though it is the second most flammable building in Britain (it was the third but the second burned down – comforting – this is because it is insulated with straw and flammable liquid) which meant there were way too many fire doors and fire alarm tests at all hours it is a lovely building. The furniture in my room is actually the original furniture from the 19th century. There are old photographs of when it first opened and behind the girls in fancy frocks is my desk and wardrobe... Spooky... What has that furniture seen in its time? Dare I think...
Looking at the plumbing you would think that is original too given that there was an actual toilet with a chain to pull! Anyway I’ve gone on long enough but – farewell 337 – you’ll always be in my heart. Miranda and I both got a bit sad saying goodbye – we were either crying about our rooms or the fact that we were awake at 5am again. We're also saying goodbye to Royal Holloway! I won't ever take another class here or anything... That's pretty sad but I've had a good run... It has been really great meeting people here and I will miss this place... Goodbye Royal Holloway!

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