Sunday, 2 May 2010

I've Travelled Many Rhodes...

Day 10


Oh my goodness sleeping in is SO GOOD... one of those things you take for granted... This morning we slept in so late that we weren’t woken by the tour lady but by the housekeeper! Our bad. We were only visiting one island today – not five or more like we usually did so it was very relaxed.

We dined on a buffet breakfast and then arrived in Rhodes. I foolishly wore a dress that day and it was SO WINDY walking from the boat into town... oh well... at least I look somewhat cute in all the photos. Whilst walking around Rhodes, Miranda and I discovered a new feeling which we labelled “boating”. It’s the feeling you get when you are on a boat (the rocking and swaying) without being on the boat. This led to use gently swaying and being incapable of walking in a straight line for most of the day. If it weren’t for our bright eyes and generally quick wit people may have thought we were intoxicated.

Rhodes is this lovely medieval style town which is surrounded by big stone walls.
It’s known as the Knight’s Palace and Miranda made a new friend. We went in and immediately made for some food. Calamari and Greek Salad! Unfortunately, the aforementioned “boating” made eating food a little less pleasurable. One thing I learnt about Greece is that they love to give you bread at restaurants whether you ordered it or not. Then you have to pay for it whether you ate it or not. You just can’t say no! Crafty Grecians...
We took a stroll around the town and managed to get nice and lost at one point. It was a pleasant detour and we managed to find our way back to the shops – yippee! The marketplace is beautiful! This is where I bought my pretty ring and – poor Miranda – it took me so long to choose one. There was only one that was just right and it was very expensive... but I couldn’t find any others that I liked so... I wear it a lot to make up for the price tag! It has a blue opal – which I’d never really seen before – and is the exact colour of the Mediterranean. We walked to the water and dipped out toes in. It was a really magical experience. This photo is one of my favourites of our entire trip and Miranda and my time together – at least until we meet up again at a later date!
We hopped back onto the boat and went to the elegant dinner that was on. I found a dressed I’d hastily packed so Miranda and I squeezed in to what we thought was the dress code. Wow, let me just say, there seems to be a huge disparity between what I see as elegant and what others see. We had baked Alaska for dessert and they were parading them all around the room until they set it down. It’s the only way to display dessert I feel. The crew came back to sing to us like the previous night and decided to call themselves “the spice boys”... dear lord...

We went back to the room to have some quiet time only to be interrupted by the adolescent morons in the next room. I thought girls were the bitchy ones but apparently these boys were all up in arms about one guy on the dance floor who was “such a buzzkill”. Then in-between farting they decided to bitch about Emma – that Emma – dear me... she sounded like a skank. At least that’s what they were implying.

I remember there was this one guy at reception on the boat who was always really lovely and helpful to the other passengers but when it came to Miranda and I he was a complete douche canoe. After another short nausea inducing shower it was straight to bed! Another lovely day!

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