Friday, 8 May 2009

Life Without Exams

The title of this blog, alone, will be angering some people I know. Heh heh.

As you can guess I've had a pretty relaxed week of sleeping in until all hours and eating too much as I watch TV on my laptop. On Tuesday, however, I had the great honour of finally being put in a Holloway Players show! Yippee!

All Tuesday I wasn't feeling very well with nervousness. I kept trying to relax, then remembering and worrying that I wasn't funny enough and I would be booed off the small, yet daunting, stage. Managed to get some dinner in and set off to set-up and warm-up. There isn't really anything you can do to prepare for a show of improvisation - considering that that would defeat the purpose. So we played some warm-up games and set-up the stage ready for people to come and watch. Not many people showed up. I mean it wasn't nearly as full as it usually is when I'm watching - but that didn't matter. Miranda and Leonore even took time from their busy study schedules to come and watch me! I was very pleased. Especially when the MC read out each of our names in turn and when they said "Phoebe Black" I heard very loud "WOOOOOO"s coming from their direction. : ) That's right. I typed a smiley face emoticon. It's how pleased it made me.

The show began and I was put into various games. I got up to do puppets where other people move my body and I have to try and justify the actions they are doing while carrying on a scene. It's funny (for everyone but me) that whenever I play this game the other person in the scene with me is this guy, Josh, and we always end up touching one another - thank you puppeteers. The audience loves it so... there you go. Felt pretty good after that. I also played genre replay where I play out a scene and throughout the scene the MC yells "freeze" and gives us a new genre to continue the scene. It was quite amusing when we got called to do Cirque du Soleil which involved me waving my limbs about, wailing and saying random made up words in a whispery voice like "carpaggio".

All in all it went rather well and people were praising me afterwards so I had a very good evening!

As for the rest of the week... Miranda and I went to Staines and I bought a carry-on size suitcase to take on our Europe travels. We finished booking our first European arch and it's very exciting! We keep saying things like "this time in two weeks we'll be in Paris" or whatever. It's very exciting. Another day Leonore, Miranda and I went to Staines to see a movie. I dare not speak its name but I won't lie in saying we knew it would be rubbish and we enjoyed it just the same. It was "17 Again". Don't judge.

The three of us also went into London yesterday so Miranda and Leonore could see the Victoria and Albert museum. It was lovely as ever and I got to see more of it this time so that was good. We also ended up going to (my favourite place) Primark. The cheapest and therefore best store in London. I needed a belt and, well, let's just say I left with more than a belt.

Today, Miranda had lunch with her friend Carla and then we finished booking our second European arch! We're going on a Greek cruise! I cannot wait. It will be AMAZING. It was also really sad though because we get back from Athens on the 21st of June and Miranda leaves for Phoenix on the 22nd! I don't want to say goodbye. We almost had a little teary thinking about that over dinner. People probably thought we were upset about the quality of the food and thought nothing of it.

Tomorrow we are going into London to see Kensington Palace and the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace - I want to see them in their red coats this time! Last time they were in grey coats for winter. Maybe I'll pop in and see the Queen as well. I hear Her Madge has excellent tea ... and corgis.

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