Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wiccy Wiccy Wild Wild West

You would think after all our Hever frivolity that the three of us had had all the fun we could have. That was until the Student Union decided to throw a WILD WILD WEST night! Oh yes. The three of us marched down to Egham and went to the local junk store to buy cheap cowboy hats. We were messing with fate as the hats were made - shock horror - in Mexico.

UPDATE: None of us has swine flu.

We each dressed up as Western cowgirl-ish as we could get given that this kind of took us by surprise. It's funny because this is the first Union night Miranda has been to and it's a Western night - ha ha.

These things start at 10 but no one usually arrives until 11 or so... so we hung around Leonore's and had a delicious dinner of lasagne and mars bars ice-creams for desserts! Then Miranda said something I never thought I would hear "Umm... when are we ... going to ... drink the... ... alcohol?" Whoa! This is going to be one heck of an evening. That day we bought some interesting flavoured cider and some Cactus Jack apple schnapps (quite appropriate). Okay... so when we were buying the drinks the guy in the supermarket asked to see our IDs. So I got mine out and showed it but he didn't accept my international student card - sigh - okay here's my driver's license - he's thinking - he gets his manager and asks if the license is okay. The manager nods before turning to me and going "That's not the most flattering picture of yourself". Or words to that affect. I cannot believe I was shamed by a guy who works in a store called "Ice land"! Of all the injustices - who was he to judge? Damn Ice land man...

Anyway - despite that hiccup in the day - we watched some TV and added the final touches to our outfits. We decided that we would have Western names and characters for the evening - this included us talking in Southern accents all evening.

Here we have the three Southern sisters - Betty - the sweetheart...
Played by Miranda... Next we have Mary-Lou - the alcoholic ...
Played by Leonore and finally me... playing Sarah-Beth - the skanky one... Yeehaw! And here is their family photo ... Heh heh heh... Cactus Jack helped the creative process... Onto the Union! Because you have to pay to check coats in we all walked through the gale that is England. Rain was whipping us with the aid of a cruel wind and it was rather chilly. Luckily there was no queue as we were there early. So early, in fact, that the dance floor wasn't even open yet! Boo! More drinks needed.

It was past 10 so I didn't think we were that early but they opened the dance floor and it was awesome because there were few people dancing so we could take up as much room as wanted. And we did. The DJ was wearing a vest and a cowboy hat and the whole stage was tarted up with what the English think is appropriate Western-ness. There was a teepee, totem pole, rooters, cacti and a sign that read "Rattlesnake Canyon". Miranda was home! We got our groove on and danced the night away. Or rather danced as long as the people around us would let us. Good grief some of the kids here were behaving in a very silly manner! Listen to me - I couldn't get a single move out because of these rapscallions! I was actually shaking my fist then... so you know. So yeah after a while more people turned up and the dance floor was packed so we started getting tired of being elbowed in every body part or accosted by pairs getting rather physical on the dance floor - yuk. We were just about ready to leave feeling sad because they didn't play "Single Ladies" by Beyonce until... "all the single ladies! All the single ladies..." Yay! The evening was complete as we grooved to this excellent tune. Overall, a very fun evening had by all. Oh I forgot to mention but during the evening some guy came up to me (drunk as) put his arm around me and angled the three of us in a photo with him! Some random took the random photo. Thus the evening was complete... that girl will be flicking through her photos an go "wait - who are those girls you're posing with?". Success!

It saddens me to say that this will be my last blog for a little while because as of Sunday Miranda and I are going on our trip around Europe! Trip number 1. We're going to Paris, Eurodisneyland, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Salzburg and Munich. I'm taking a notepad and will write blogs for my trip when I get back here to Founders on June 1st - in the mean time - ... err ... bye!


  1. well yeehah.
    i had a mighty fine time.

  2. Great post Phoebe!! Loved the pics!
    You girls done made us Wild Westerners proud!