Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Disney's just like a Bucket O' Dawgs

Day 5.

Today, is another Disney day - Hooray! Out we set, eagerly waiting for the bus to arrive - waiting - and waiting - and waiting... so we asked the hotel reception who slapped their foreheads and cried "oh yeah today's a bank holiday no buses are running". Gee thanks. Instead, we caught a cab which was nice - being in a warm car... It freaked me out driving on the other side of the road though... every time a car would pass us on the other side of the road I'd mentally prepare for a collision... anyway we made it.

We started the day in the other park that is linked with Disneyland - the Studio Backlot - which has some rides but a lot of shows and stuff like that. Miranda was really excited to go on the Tower of Terror ride which I outright refused... I mean I faced my fears of upside-down and everything but this ride jolts up and down and I cannot stand the feeling of falling - bleh - makes me queasy thinking about it. So I waited in line to keep Miranda company and then waited at the exit for her to come out. Her photo came up on the screen. Minutes went by... other people came out - some laughing, some crying... there were some seriously traumatised kids coming out of there... waiting some more... ten minutes go by... I ask an attendant
"Excuse me? Do you know if the ride is stuck?"
"Broken? My friend hasn't come out for ages"
"Oh don't worry... I don't know." Okay... helpful... another ten minutes go by and Miranda's photo disappears. I ask again "Do you know if the ride is stuck?"
"Oh I don't know. I'm sure it's fine. This is the only exit"
By this time I'm beginning to freak out that the ride broke and Miranda is in a million pieces... More time goes by and I start panicking with other anxious looking people (their families eventually showed though... Miranda didn't)... Still waiting and I'm almost in tears when Miranda comes out looking frustrated and ticked off. Apparently, the ride got stuck and was about a metre away from the platform but they wouldn't just let everyone jump the gap - protocol I guess - so they had to sit and wait until eventually someone pointed out some stairs and they were let out - sigh. Once again - Happiest place on Earth?

To boost my adrenaline for the day we then went on the Aerosmith rollercoaster. That's right - Aerosmith really have nothing better to do than be the face of a rollercoaster - and might I just add... Steve Tyler's face? Bleh and Argh! The ride itself was awesome fun but another really fast one, in the dark that whips you around upside-down and in corkscrews and such meanwhile it plays "Dude looks like a lady" which was pretty cool. The only problem with these is once your head is jangled out of the holder your neck is pretty much loosey goosey as you get thrust through the rest of the ride so the next little bit was spent with cottonmouth (from extreme screaming) and a sore neck. I loved it though. It was awesome.
Then we went to the Moteurs Action Stunt Show which is a car show and it was INCREDIBLE. These cars were doing awesome stunts! Dodging around one another and it was really mind blowing. There was this one part where the cars would drive onto a little platform and be driving through various obstacles on their side - which no one really applauded for! Miranda and I joked that the French audience were all like "Driving on the side? Bah! We drove here today on our side!" It was a really great show - one of my highlights. The cars they use in the stunts are all made of fibreglass and weigh only 750kg! Bit of an interesting side note there. They also brought out Herbie! Herbie the fun little beetle and Miranda and I shouted out "C'est Erbie! Bonjour Erbie!" and the woman next to us stared. It was great.

After this we toddled into another show which was Art of Animation where they just showed this montage of various Disney movies. It made me really teary eyed! Jees I sound so lame but they showed all these really sad bits like Dumbo drying and Bambi's mum having just died... boy oh boy... It was nice though. Ha ha after this show we went to the Animagique show which, again, is another thing that Miranda and I laugh about hysterically and it probably won't seem very funny now but oh well here goes... The show is pretty much a black light show with people dressed as the characters like Mickey and Donald Duck and they sing all the Disney songs. At the end they had a finale song which was like "Animagique! Animagique!" and King Louis and Baloo from the Jungle Book are there and Baloo goes "Anima-joke?" and the rest respond with "No!" and continue singing the song. We, however, joked that when Baloo says "Anima-joke?" the lights come on and the rest of the characters confront him and go "Animajoke? Really Baloo? You know what - you're a joke! You do this every time... you're whole career is a joke!". It's hilarious and thus "animajoking" became a common phrase throughout the trip.
We went outside only to be confronted with a - shudder - High School Musical show and they were singing the songs... Miranda started dancing along so I wandered off and pretended not to know her... Ahh friendship... Sadly, because today is a bank holiday the queues for everything were really long so I had to forgo having a photo taken with Donald Duck as he was far too busy being molested by many children under the age of five... ahh well. We did get a photo with Sulley though!
We decided to head back to Disneyland and have another swan around there. Miranda made it a rule that there was no swearing allowed in the Magic Kingdom which I found rather difficult. Especially when Jack Sparrow turned up! Holy sh**! He was a pretty darn good looking Jack Sparrow impersonator too... he was getting photos with all these little kids for ages and eventually he turned and caught our eye, pushing the wee ones out of the way and embracing the two of us asking where we were from... Oh yes... it was love. If you look at the photo Jack looks much cosier with me and the photo would be better if Miranda were just photo shopped out right? She disagrees but whatever... When we walked away I said to Miranda "Man... he was all over us like a bucket o' dawgs". Miranda had to sit down she was laughing so hard.

Then we went into the Alice in Wonderland maze and we managed to get to the middle pretty easily - all those mazes in England made excellent practice! After we got out we went on the carousel and did all these elaborate hand waving gestures to everyone and they gave us back - concerned faces... bah! We're young at heart! YOUNG AT HEART! I saw that there was a railway around the park so we lined up and ended up being there for AGES. Seriously, it took forever to get on this gosh darn train. We manage to keep ourselves entertained in lines by singing and laughing and we realised we must really annoy people around us with our noise. I think they should be grateful and cheered by our high spirits and girlish charm! At one point we were both singing a song from Pocahontas and this little girl in line just stood and stared with her mouth open. Another thing we did was take another round of "bucket o' dawgs" shots. And yes, before you ask, the guy behind me in line did do the rabbit ears on me - we were lifting the spirits of the surrounding tourists!
Let me just say that during our Europe trip we got really good at queuing... it seems on the things we did most... so here is a picture of us with our queueing faces - oh yeah... boys we lining the block...
It was getting late so we had delicious fajitas for dinner, rode the Pirates ride one last time, and I had to walk down Main Street saying my goodbyes to Disneyland for a time... Very sad... I am planning to visit Miranda next year and seeing Disney again! And Miranda too... of course... tee hee! We got a cab back to the hotel and all the way the cab driver was having a heated argument with someone on his cell phone and would keep hanging up and it was all very intense. Sad to leave this lovely hotel... Next stop - Amsterdam!

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