Saturday, 6 June 2009

Munchen = Beer Hall.

Day 15.
Salzburg -> Munich

Urgh – woken to the sound of what I thought were elephants trundling about the room when in fact it was the other girls packing up. Urgh. I’m always quiet when I”m packing and someone else is sleeping! Jees – consideration people!
We checked out and went on the computers to check mail one last time and only a few of the many computers were working – they were free! Tee hee! Then this really annoying Australian girl came in and, in what I now hear as a really thick accent, said “this is ridiculous – I’ve been waaaiiting for aaaaagges” Shudder. Do I really sound like that? It’s funny because being on this Europe trip Miranda and I have really been disliking those that come from our respective countries. After a breakfast of a soft chocolate and nut pretzel (we’re blending in pretty well) we went to the train station thinking that we would spend some time in Salzburg town before heading off to Munich. We took a spin around the train station, found the few things that existed were closed and came back to the train station. This took about seven minutes. Off to Munich then!

The train ride was only about two hours so we arrived in Munich and found our hostel which was average. Everyone had written all over the bunk beds “so and so was here 07” and such so I wrote on mine “Beyonce Knowles wuz here 09” We figured people would get star struck because at the height of her career she’s really be staying at a hostel in Munich – made me laugh. These bunk beds make me nervous because my top one is bolted into the wall and has no posts supporting so I was worried all night that it was going to break if I rolled over and crush Miranda – wounding me in the process.

We then began to explore the town. Miranda has been to Munich before so she had a good idea as to where we were going. We set off towards Marienplatz where we were going to watch the glockenspiel go of at five. Before we got there we were just walking along talking, in English, when some guy near us says something in German. Naturally, we don’t think he’s talking to us so we don’t pay any attention. Then he comes right up next to us and starts talking really loudly in German. We started to get a bit panicked and walk off but he came in front of us and says (in English this time) “Is there something wrong with your hearing? I ask you three times, very politely where the English Gardens are and you just walk off!” to which I replied “we don’t speak German”. He did apologise but – yeesh – why do we attract crazy people? We then dubbed this guy English Garden Bastard. We got to the clock and it was a pretty cool clock – I thought. There are little characters that spin around and the clock chimes various little tunes. I liked listening to the sea of tourists going “oooo!” and “ahhh!” and then clapping at the end of it.
We tried to find something else to do but everything was closed because it was a Sunday. Even all the big clothes shops – thou shalt not have new rags on the Sabbath!

Next comes one of my favourite things of our trip. The Hofbrauhaus. BEER HALL! I’d been looking forward to this for a while and was excited to try one of these big ass beers I’d heard so much about. Outside the Beer House were all these guys in matching lederhosen singing along to a guy playing an accordion and collecting money out a giant spoon. Yep. It seems that bachelor parties are HUGE in Europe – we’ve seen several about the place. A bunch of guys (or girls) in matching outfits roaming about the place collecting money. Talk about effort...

Inside we got this really grumpy older waitress who Miranda asked very politely (in German) if she spoke English to which we got a forceful “Nein!”. Whoa okay... I guess if I were her age and in a wench outfit I’d be pretty cranky too...We ended up gesturing to an empty glass on our table and holding up two fingers. And there it was – my Everest – a litre of German beer. Now I’m not a big fan of beer – but this beer was really tasty. We’d just started drinking when some traditional music began to play. The whole atmosphere was pretty awesome – we bought real traditional pretzels which were way too salty for my liking. Miranda ate most of mine. See the pretzel in the photo? See that I’m halfway through the beer! I’ll get there... Then we got approached by these Americans sitting near us (as a matter of fact ALL the tables around us had Americans at them – including mine – so much for a German experience) who asked where we were from and were playing some drinking game where they pick random people to take photos with. Suits us! Here they are! Random folk and beer – what more could you ask for? After a while some people sat down next to us who were from Switzerland. Close enough to a German experience – I mean they could speak German. They were very nice and they congratulated me whole heartedly when – eventually – I FINISHED MY STEIN. That’s right everyone reading this should be in awe because I finished that darn thing even though I could barely lift it to my lips! I’m so proud of myself... We went back to the hostel – noticing all the lederhosen shops – we are in Bavaria... and I know what you’re thinking – that I was totally drunk but I wasn’t. Just ask Miranda. I was just very – merry. Tomorrow we go back to London and we are both pretty excited for that – having our own rooms, no more bunk beds, English everywhere and using pounds again. There were some other girls in our room from America who were really nice. That night I went to have a shower and walked in on some girl – who was in the middle of the shower foyer – completely nudey doodey! I thought I had gone into the wrong place, walked out, no..., walked back in and was like... “err hi!” and she was just like “hi” completely cool with that fact she was sans clothes. Don’t think I’ll miss that...

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