Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Culture Attack!

Today was Tate Town. Tate Britain and Tate Modern art museums. Getting there was tricky because today was very cold and very foggy. I think I'm getting better at this whole - it's freezing - business. I add more layers! Anyway we arrived at the Tate Britain and had some breakfast. It's quite strange because no where is open for breakfast before 10 and it's really hard to find cooked breakfasts! Which does not fit the stereotype of the traditional English breakfast. Anyway we arrived at the Museum and surprise surprise it was massive. We began in the drawing section which had over 400 years of illustrations. It was incredible. There were drawings of past and present and a very funny artist called David Shrigley.
We then moved onto the older paintings which included Reubens! Yay I love Reubens. I prefer the older paintings which included mythology, biblical stories, portraits and various historical figures. It was very soothing - and warm inside the gallery. After finding out that the boat which goes from one Tate to the other was broken we were forced to walk in the cold mist. We walked past Big Ben, the houses of Parliament, a statue in honour of Emeline Pankhurst, the London Eye and the National Theatre. After the long walk we arrived at the Tate Modern which had art from the 1900s onwards. 7 floors of art and yet you could only see three of floors for free so our journey was remarkably cut short. There was a huge spider lurking over hundreds of yellow and blue bunk beds that greeted us on arrival. Most of the beds had various novels tied to them like "War of the Worlds". Mum theorised that the piece had the beds so that humans could grow in them so that the spider babies above had something to feast on and the freaky novels were to help the humans stomach their cruel fate. Phew - big theory. Who knows it was a pretty weird piece. I mean right next to it was a giant apple core and a huge cat skeleton in hissing position. I can't say that the rest of the modern pieces took my fancy. There were various censored pieces which had a warning as they contained "sexual imagery" and "extreme violence" - neither were very enjoyable. Overall, the day was pleasant and culturally enriching. I just realised that today I saw several great artists including Monet, Matisse, Magritte, Picasso and Reubens.

Mum and I are now celebrating New Year's Eve in style - we had a big pasta feed and are watching movies in our jimmy jams! Party town! It looked like there was going to be a huge fireworks display and everything on the river near Big Ben but I don't think Mum and I will make it that far! *Yawn* anyway the rubbishy films call my name!

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