Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Harrods and Wicked and curry oh my!

Today was a semi day of rest... Didn't end up leaving the hotel until around 11. No real reason except that the sun not coming up seems to hinder our movements. Anyway we hopped on the tube and set off to Knightsbridge - Harrods. As everyone knows Harrods is a place of great ripoffs and overpriced nonsense. The building, however, is beautiful. The irrelevant, yet stunning, Egyptian hall containing giant crystal necklaces and various designer items bemused the senses - the price tickets amused them.

The modern music juxtaposed the old architecture (I am SUCH an english student) as we slowly made our way through the various levels. I did see some stunning shoes and was extremely tempted - I mean they WERE reduced - but my senses were then struck by a lovely dress. To cut a long story of "Umm, ahh, well..." short - I didn't buy them. Oh the really funnt part was the pet department which had luxury pet items as far as the eye could see. Ridiculous things like full on pet beds with overarching canopies and various clothing items for the dog. They had an actual viewing section where there were 3 adorable black puppies racing around their enclosure. The sign on the wall boasted that these 1200 pound puppies would come with "at least 3 generations of pedigree". They were so cute!

Left Harrods and went to the matinee of "Wicked" which was awesome! It was so good and the woman who played the witch had an amazing voice which filled the whole theatre (which held about 600 people). It was very clever and I recommend it! Not so many people crunching and scrunching at this show so I was happy. I took an illegal sort of photo of the stage so you can see - tee hee! Later that night we risked having a curry which was hot pink in colour but tasted okay and I'm still alive so I guess it was good.

Today we are going to do something cultural and go to some museums - I'll let you know! Bye!

Ps: I don't want to jinx it but it hasn't rained since we got here!! Horray!!

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