Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Madame Tussauds in all her waxy glory

Yes I had to do it... Madame Tussauds - The Wax Museum. I had very fond memories of this place when I visited it a couple of years ago and had a whale of a time. This time, however, they had "fast-track, pre-ordered ticket" entrances with queues going down the street. I was gobsmacked. Mum and I took a stroll around the block and when we returned the masses must have gone inside because the queue was gone but the exhibits - good grief. People were swarming all over the lifelike figures so much that I couldn't be bothered getting a photo with Audrey Hepburn or, heaven forbid, Brangelina. Having people staring at you as you try (I do use the word try) to take a hilarious photo with various individuals is off-putting.

Not only was there an arseload of people in the display but every few steps you were confronted by a booth selling sugary snacks of various shapes and colours. As if you need a refreshment after walking ten paces! I quickly dodged the "High School Musical" display which included a rather battered-by-young-desperate-tweens figure of Zac Efron. Sigh.

All in all it was quite disappointing but hey I had some fun I guess.

That night we went out to see "Chicago" and had dinner beforehand only to be confronted with yet more terrible customer service - will these Brits ever get it right?? I sound like such a whinger but the night went on! Inside the theatre we were forced to listen to the sounds of fat people grappling with their various snacks. The people right behind us would talk to one another, loudly, and scrunch their chip packets - I wanted to strangle every last one of them. How rude is that? I could barely see the show (given we were in the Upper Dress circle which is a polite way of saying riiiiiiiiiiight up the back) let only hear the show with these fools behind us.

It was a long day. But in the morning I got some lovely new leather boots! My glimmer of hope in this obnoxious and gloomy day. Oh also I didn't freeze my butt off today as I added another layer of clothing. Don't ask what number I'm up to... it's quite embarrassing. So let's just say I look a lot fatter.

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