Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Day of Markets

Today was market day - three times over

Mum and I went to the Spitalfield, Pennicoat Lane and Camden markets today. We headed out this morning and had to withstand the 1 degree temperature - despite the weather forecast from the previous night saying it would be 3! Ha! We end up drinking more coffee and tea than ever purely to warm up. And due to all the terrorist paranoia there are NO RUBBISH BINS ANYWHERE in London which is crazy. So it was so cold that I couldn't carry my empty coffee cup any longer and had to find other carrying means - which is pictured.
Another thing I can't get use to here is the fact that everyone stands on the right when standing on the escalators. I mean they drive on the left hand side like we do in Australia and we stand on the left whereas these crazy poms are on the right - Mum and I keep catching one another out and sheepishly move to the right to avoid the wrath of the pushy London folk.

The markets! Haven't written about them yet so here I go - I wonder if you are still reading - here's hoping. The first markets consisted of upcoming designers and jazzy quirky items. Ended up buying a nice dress which I then found at each and every other market we went to - Grrrr... We changed locations and found ourselves accidentely in the Petticoat Lane market which was a bit of a downgrade but uplifting as they were selling things for under 10 pounds! Refreshing. Next was Camden Markets which were incredible! It was clear where everyone goes on a Sunday afternoon as it was swarming with people. We came to this indoor part of the market which was as beautiful as Aladdin's Cave. There were chandeliers, padded ceilings, fairy lights and bronze statues everywhere. It was amazing. I took some photos but the whole atmosphere was awesome.

The sun went down and the cold set in despite my adding of two extra layers this morning - I haven't adapted yet - Brrrrr. So of course we went to the pub. This time it was "The Shakespeare" pub which had underground trains running beneath it so you got a lovely foot rumbling every couple of minutes.
It's 8pm now and I can't believe I'm still conscious so I'm doing well. Have to train myself because tomorrow we are going to see Chicago at 8pm!!

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