Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Au Revoir Good Times!

This blog starts with Sunday - my last full day in Switzerland - boo hoo! I didn't write about Sunday in a blog of it's own because I didn't take any photos and I don't like posting blogs without photos because... photos are nice. Yes. Nice.

Sunday! I woke very late to the sound of Jun's other Australian friends in the living room. Julie and Nicole had come from their respective exchanges to here. We're all Australian but studying all over the world Jun - Switzerland, Phoebe - England, Julie - Germany and Nicole - Ireland. So we decided to have a picnic. The four of us set off to find the perfect spot which ended up being miles and miles away. We walked through Jun's university campus which is so peaceful. Most likely because the students weren't there as it was a Sunday but also because the campus is slap bang in the middle of a little forest. There are trees rustling and the constant sound of cowbells. Jun's campus figured why paying money to hire someone to mow the grass when you can get sheep and cows to do it for free? Yep. Cows and sheep roam the campus grass lands with their little bells jingling all the time. Jun said it's hard to concentrate in class because of this farmyard symphony. Fair enough.

We got to the spot (eventually) and sat next to the lake to eat the delicious spaghetti Jun had made earlier. It was a bit colder today so all of us were sitting on a bench with our hoodies up. We looked like some sort of gang. The lake was lovely and it was foggy so the mountains were eerily present in the background. The water melted into the skyline once more and I felt like I was in Valhalla or some such place. We then ate a block of chocolate (can't get enough of it) and waddled back. Jun and I didn't get up to much for the rest of the day because everything is closed on Sunday. It's not like home where the hours of places are restricted on Sunday. Here, EVERYTHING is closed. Literally everything. It stinks.
Monday rolled around and we got up early so I could have a good look around the city centre of Lausanne. Catching the metro into town was the first time I bought a ticket. And I got checked. Lucky! Hee hee! The Swiss Lady Luck was on my side. The city of Lausanne and all the shops are situated on the most extreme landscape. The whole city centre is mounted on undulating terrain and these aren't just little hills these are practically vertical ones. A real beast when you're carting your suitcase around. Well Jun was kind enough to carry it. Thank you Jun! We walked all the way to the top and I had to take a couple of minutes to take in the view. The landscape is really what makes Switzerland. There aren't many sights to see but the view wherever you go is awesome. Back down the hill. JUN: Grumble grumble.

We walked to the other side of town (not a huge walk it's all quite small keep in mind) and I found my Swiss souvenir - a new pair of pants! Yippee! By this time we went to the train station and I said goodbye to Jun. Thank you Jun, once again, for having me!

Took the train to Geneva airport and eventually got on my plane (it was delayed). When I tried getting through British customs, my goodness, the woman really wasn't going to let me into the country without a fight. Luckily I had all my documentation - people thought I was mad being so over prepared but I was right! Ha ha! I gave her my offer letter to prove I'm a student visitor and even though it said on the sheet in front of her when my dates of coming and going were she goes "When does your semester finish?"
"Umm...I think it's around June 15th?"
"Says June 12th here."
After writing numerous amounts of detail she stamped my passport and I was finally free! Got my bag and caught the bus back to Founders - Hall of Doom. It's funny how I missed my little room all until I went to sleep on my awful mattress. Stiff necks all round. Now comes the worst week of my life - writing my two demon assignments! If you don't hear from me I've become buried in boredom. Plus I won't have much to write about anyway unless you're interested in facilitating a Dramatherapy session? Anyone? No?

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