Sunday, 26 April 2009

It's Almost Over!

Wow... could this be the longest I've gone without blogging? I hope so because I've actually had a valid reason.

Assignments killed me.

Okay so I'm exaggerating. But they did a pretty good job at killin' the ol' soul. Literally for the past five or six days (I've lost all concepts of time) I've been stuck in my room eating and breathing these assignments. I mean the only time I've been outside this room in the past week as to go grocery shopping and to the library. Good times. Take a look at the space I was working in... pretty depressing...
But I'm almost done! Yay! I'm just changing fonts and jazzing up the final product to hand in tomorrow! Yippee! Then I'll be finished my courses at Royal Holloway.

I'm so glad I got the bulk of them done yesterday because there were all these boys staying in my corridor. All the girls that live here are on Easter break, as you know, and these teenage boys were here for some event or something like that - a mini marathon I think I heard? Anyway here I am the only girl wandering the halls. My goodness every trip to the bathroom or pantry was a worthy anecdote. I'd open my door and hear cat calls and all that rubbish as I stretched my legs. Ugh... teenage boys. One kid tried blocking my path by doing the moonwalk into me. How sad. And I'm not joking either.

Later that night I went to the bathroom before I went to bed and some of cool kids (I use the term cool here loosely) were defying their teacher or whoever by standing in the halls in the pajamas and chatting after "lights out". The only problem was their pajamas were just underpants and out I come in my elmo pajamas trying to keep looking straight ahead. The boys started laughing at their attire and when I came back from the bathroom one of them was waving a plastic sword around. A plastic sword?! I ask you? Why would you bring a plastic sword with you? More importantly where did he pull it from??

This morning they were up and screaming at 5am! FIVE! They could have been quiet but this one kid just keep yelling "Rise and Shiiiiiiine!". I was ready to walk out there and punch them all in the face, one by one. I didn't. Eventually they left and I was to be interrupted two hours later by a cleaner who wasn't just jiggling the handle of my room - I hear a key in the lock, lock turns and I go "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!". Stupid guy. He said sorry but it was a bit late for that. After ambushing me he started actually knocking on the doors. Stupid guy.

Some of the girls have arrived to restock their rooms with posters, cushions and ... booze. You know necessities? Hopefully tonight the Founders dining hall will be open. I never thought I would be so excited about their food but after living on soup, microwave dinners, noodles and crackers anything will suffice. Still waiting for Miranda to get back though... sigh...

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