Friday, 10 April 2009

Back to Kilt Land! Och!

Now let's see where was I? I'd just gone to Cotswold is that right? Scroll, scroll... yes. Okay. So the next day I pottered about the scarily empty halls of Founders. Trying not to freak out because of the serious absence of people when there's a jiggle at my door! Pulse quickening I wait... rattle rattle... I walk softly and quickly up to the door and say "Hello?" waiting for my soon to be murderer to say some creepy comment before he begins hacking away at my door with an axe. What I did hear was "Sorry!". It was the cleaner. He was cleaning the other rooms - why don't they have something that has the rooms which people are in and aren't in? Because then this whole episode wouldn't need to repeat another eight times - seriously. By the last few I would get up and swiftly open my door with dramatic flair only to see a different cleaning person going "Sorry!" Sigh.

Next day was my flying to Scotland day. Got up and caught the bus with Miranda and Amy because Amy was flying back to the States that day. It was good having bus company but we parted ways when it came to terminal 5. I won't see Miranda for a whole week! Shock horror! Her parents are coming to visit and they will have a lovely time seeing the sights of London and Ireland. I jetted off to Scotland on an empty stomach thinking that, like before, British Airways would give me a delicious meal. I got a biscuit. A biscuit! I could have cried I was so hungry! I think maybe because my flight was at 2 in the afternoon that was snack time not meal time. Boo hoo. The flight itself was, obviously, successful as I'm not currently dead (or a zombie just to clarify) but it still frightened the poop out of me! On take-off the plane was rumbling and shaking and making this awfully loud whining noise. It was SO LOUD! It was a scary flight and I always manage to freak the person out sitting next to me as I fiercely grip my arm rest and grind my teeth. Oh well. I arrived safe and sound and met Julia and Christine at the airport no worries.

The next day we went into Julia's university library and I was actually forced to do some work. Urgh. I got little done. The internet is an interesting place! Julia got some work done and day crawled by. Eventually we left and got back home to change into our jerseys because we were going to a Celtic game! Yippee! I've been excited about this for yonks so I put on a distinctively striped shirt this time... as you can see.
Looking at the photo I look quite lumpy but that's only because I had my jumper underneath it! It gets cold at that stadium and this was a game at night AND there was a breeze. At least it wasn't raining. I didn't try Bovril (the meat drink) but I did smell it because someone behind me was drinking it and let me tell you... it smelled like a meat pie with tomato sauce. That's EXACTLY what it smelt like. Quite tempting. Then I remembered it was beef juice - no thanks. So I settled with a hot chocolate and settled back to watch the game. It was a good game. Ha... I've remembered... towards the beginning of the match one of the Celtic players got injured (Samas?) and he lay on the ground and they played around him! He was on all fours, then on his back arm over his face and they just kept playing around this guy on the ground! It was hilarious. After the ball was kicked out the medics came over and escorted him off the field. Poor guy. Though I had my hard fan look on thinking "What a baby. If he can walk off then he's obviously not injured enough! Humph!". The game went for its designated 90 minutes and we won! 4-0! Yippee! I'm the good luck charm. The Australian player, Scott McDonald (Skippy), didn't score though. We decided it was because he was nervous playing in front of me. Skippy actually is from Melbourne and got the Celtic team to donate 10 000 pounds to the Victoria Fire appeal. How good is that?
The next day involved the library, once again, but this time I actually got some work done. You would realise this as I wasn't chatting on facebook all day. Go me. I'm still panicking about these stupid assignments though. They're so long and boring and I can't decide how to approach the question - argh. It stinks. Uni stinks. Booo. That night Vinny (Julia's boyfriend) and Andrea (Christine's work friend) came over and we had dinner and played Glasgow monopoly. In the Glasgow edition it has the sites of Glasgow instead of the usual Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square. One of the sites was the Celtic stadium which I bought. Woo! I also got a better photo of the grounds this time so have a look. I lost. All that online monopoly should have made me a pro! But no, I lost. Oh well I think I did well not getting extremely competitive and busting heads. I did very well keeping my composure. Andrea won if you were wondering.
Sorry there aren't more pictures! I haven't been taking many but I will now make it my mission. Today we went shopping and tomorrow we are going to the Scottish Comedy Club where they have stand-up comedy and Julia is very excited by the fact that the comedian will ask "Anyone here from farther away than Britain?" and I will yell like a loon. Here goes...

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