Saturday, 18 April 2009

This town is tres jolie.

I was very nervous about waking up this morning (not that I could prevent waking up but you know what I mean) because I didn't want there to be any repercussions of yesterday's illness. I was okay though! I just get sporadic painful stomach cramps which come go away pretty quickly. I'll be fine!

Today, Jun and I got up and went to do some grocery shopping at Aldi. Most of the Swiss people don't shop at Aldi because it's German and they don't like it. Strange. Jun was telling me that it's so weird here because meat is really expensive because Switzerland doesn't import any meat from the various surrounding nations. Switzerland is pretty small and there aren't many cows so meat is very expensive and there is no fresh milk in Switzerland. Seriously. You go into the supermarket and it's all UHT fresh forever milk. Bleh. Again, this is because they don't want to import anything which would be why their economy is so strong. Is having a strong economy worth disadvantaging the population? I guess so.
So we went grocery shopping and got back to Jun's and had a delicious stir-fry. We then went to visit Jun's friends Allison and Kimberley. Allison is Americana and Kimberley is from Sydney - Aussie Aussie Aussie!
The girls were a bit busy at first so Jun and I went and had a look at the lake. WOW. This is one heck of a lake. The sun came out and the lake sparkled and on the other side of the like is... FRANCE. France was sparkling at me. There were swans floating about in this serene crystal water and it was very picturesque. The horizon couldn't be found because the sea was the exact blue of the sky so the landscape looks like an incredible painting. This is all framed by dark blue mountains in the distance sprinkled with pure white snow. It's a breath taking place.
We sauntered back to Allison and Kimberley's house and dragged them out to go have a look at Ouchy which is further up the riverbank and Jun described as "like South Bank". Keep in mind 'Ouchy' is pronounced "o-shi" not "ow-chi" as I like to call it. I could actually wear my sunglasses and marvel at the cleanliness of this place. The blue of the sky and sea is offset with a multitude of colourful flowers dotting the walkway.

We then rented a paddle boat and had a paddle around the lake which was awesome. I so wanted it to be hot enough to swim because then you could relax in your bathing suit and jump into the water if you wanted. Some of the paddle boats had slides on the back of them for this very reason! Today, however, it was a bit nippy and the water was freezing to the touch but it was so lovely paddling about on this giant lake. I said we should just hijack this boat and paddle to France where we would be out of their jurisdiction! Ha ha! We would start a new life as pirates and raid other boats. This all happened in my head as no one else was too keen. It was funny because we were paddling in sunshine but over where France was there were major storm clouds that were black and consuming the landscape. The boat rental guy said "beware the tempest that's coming". Seriously. But in French. After a paddle around we went back in as it was getting rather windy and the oncoming "tempest" looked pretty grim. You can see the dark looming clouds behind my head...

We hopped out and decided to go back to Kimberley's house for chocolate pancakes and hot chocolate. The Swiss really know how to do a good chocolate anything. The instant hot chocolate is amazing and they don't sell chocolate bars here they only sell blocks of chocolate because this is Switzerland and they do everything chocolate related properly. They also have excellent cheeses here which I will feast on very soon... This means that all the clich├ęs of Switzerland are true as there is chocolate, cheese and I saw a cuckoo clock shop in Geneva yesterday.

After our chocolately dinner Jun and I headed back at around 8 (it was still very light) and sung the elephant love song medley from Moulin Rouge on the walk back from the bus stop. Good times. I'm probably going to jinx myself but so far I have only paid for one train trip and that was from Geneva to Lausanne. Everything else - the metro and the bus - I haven't paid for because there are no daily tickets it's just 3 Francs for every trip and I can't afford that. Keep your fingers crossed that I won't get in trouble! If I do I'll just talk in English and start crying. Jun will act like he doesn't know me. The system works. Jun says “Hi everyone”.

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