Thursday, 2 April 2009

Photoshoot! And pose.

Spent all last night working out what outfits I would wear for the photoshoot today. The voucher said minimum of four outfits... so I brought eight. A girl needs options! In case you were confused when we got our haircut the second part of our deal was to get a makeover, hair styled and then have a photoshoot. Today was the day. We trooped all the way to London with a little suitcase between us. I started getting butterflies in my stomach! I get nervous about this sort of thing... that and the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing in this scenario. After a couple of hours (yes it takes that long) Miranda and I were dolled up! It was funny because neither Miranda or I are use to me wearing make up and I had loads on so whenever she looked at me or I looked in the mirror we would jump and get shocked. Rather funny.
The best part was that they gave us champagne! Now I feel like being photographed! He he. The photographer lined us up and said I'll do some shots of the two of you in one shot. I didn't really mind either way but Miranda was hesitant. I asked her why and she said because it would be lame poses like us being back to back and what not. We got changed, walked in front of the camera and the guy goes "Now what I want you to do is stand back to back". We burst out laughing. When we later looked at the photos we just laughed and laughed. Neither of us could keep a straight face.

Then the real stuff got underway. Miranda went first and stole the show! She TOTALLY knew what she was doing posing and looking glamorous... Saucy minx. Me next and I was... well... I was still nervous and I was just useless and taking instructions it seemed. He would say "What I want you to do is..." (He said this every five seconds, seriously, which led to a lot of mimicking later between Miranda and I) and he would instruct me and I would get it wrong so in the end he would take the pose and I would copy - Urgh - hopeless. Ah well. Five outfit changes later and that was a wrap! It went surprisingly fast but then again I think we were down there for around two hours. I rather enjoyed myself in the end!
We were then forced to sit on a couch and wait in agony for out photos to be ready to be seen. They said half an hour but an hour later they were ready. For some reason the photographer took 120 pictures when they usually take 75 or so. This made Miranda and I more nervous because we knew buying the pictures would be VERY expensive (Oh how naive we were) and we only could have one photo free. Going into the little room we had a look of determination on our faces and the ability to be ruthless with our shots. This other guy began going through our photos one-by-one asking us if it was a yes, no or maybe. The first "no" Miranda gave she got back "why not?" we can crop it and make different with colours and so on. My photos scrolled around and it seemed the word "no" was the only one I knew! Hey - I'm a poor student... After the seventh "no" from me he would ask "why not?" as if to encourage me to like more of the photos and hence buy more but on my response of "because I look stupid" shut him up. Once he realised we weren't going to guy loads of pictures he really gave up trying. We asked about students deals and he said he would give us four pictures for 150 pounds! "That's a good deal". WHAT? We didn't even umm or ahh we just said "no". We can't afford that. It was hard choosing one photo but here it is...

What do you think? I'm certainly pale! Maybe a white couch wasn't the best choice... After all that battling with that silly man we left. Many hilarious impersonations later we got back to Founders and decided that since we had fancy make up and hairdos that we would have our own fashion shoot! Ha ha! We couldn't have picked a better place to do it. I mean Royal Holloway has some excellent sets... Here are some of my favourite pictures of the two of us...

It ended up being way more fun because we help each other out and giggle. The best part was we would take photos outside and if someone walked by we would suddenly remark, loudly, upon the lovely surroundings... Mostly it was "DAFFODILS. HOW LOVELY. Think I'll just get a photograph... are they gone?" There was one point when we were down neat this pond we found and we were quietly walking along the path and listening to the birds when this duck flew out of no where and landed on the pond. We both freaked! Jumped out of our skins. Later I took a photo of Miranda telling the ducks off for scaring us and being so noisy whilst we were shooting. It was really great ending to the day. It was an experience and I had a good time. I'm eager to do another one! I need to work out how to do my hair curly everyday... could take some time... I'll keep trying. Not much English history or any type of history in this blog but there you go...Hope you enjoyed anyway!


  1. absolutely stunning pheefi! to be honest i like your rh pictures better.. though that profess one is stunning. antm? i think so! now I want to get all dolled up and get my picture taken..


  2. Great photos... especially love the ROHO pics!!
    Can't wait to meet you Phoebe!
    See you soon!