Saturday, 21 February 2009

And so I went all the way to Roehampton.

Today was basically a day of nothing but frustration. As you remember I have this awful assignment due of which I know nothing and the books that I need are not in our tiny labyrinth of a library. And so I went all the way to Roehampton. Roehampton is pretty much right next to London so the train rise there takes a good hour on the weekend.

So I got up and Miranda and I met up with Tamsin and we made our way to the train station. There is only ONE ticket machine that takes cash at the train station so we were furiously getting tickets dispensed as the train sped off into the distance...without us. You would think, being sensible Brits, that we could just buy a ticket on the train. No. I lied in that sentence - I said "sensible Brits". Pardon me. Anyway that train went buy so we had to wait for about 20 minutes which wasn't so bad because the sun was ACTUALLY SHINING. I wasn't wearing my coat and I was almost, not quite, but almost hot sitting in the sun. Yay! Walking through Founders there are all little shoots and flowers coming up from the ground encouraging the springtime. The little flowers are saying to me "You can make it through the cold, Phoebe, if we can!" So there's some hope. I'm getting off track but these little flowers are everywhere it seems. And all different colours. Purple at Roehampton, white at Founders, pink somewhere else. Very lovely.

Back to the train saga. Got on board and disembarked at Barnes leaving Miranda to continue on to meet a friend in London - lucky. Meanwhile Tamsin and I were stuck on our study date. Do I know how to have fun or what? Trotted along to Roehampton University and got past the guards - seriously. They had an electronic gate we had to get through and everything! Found the books we needed and went to town notetaking. I'm researching bulimia so I needed a case study about an individual with bulimia and I wasn't having much luck until "Oh yes Jessie got bulimia in college!" Leaving Tamsin lying on the ground with laughter at my newly found empathy.

Hours later...

Then came the time when we had to photocopy. Now THIS is entertaining. We had to go through the exit to buy a photocopy card which was one pound and we would be reimbursed this pound after. So... we had to go back through the electronic gates of doom and around to the 7 photocopiers. They were all off. One had no paper. One had no ink. Finally one that worked! All this faffing around for stupid photocopying. I ask you! Eventually we finished and we went back to the counter and asked if we could get our pound back for the card. The man was then like "No, no you should keep it until next time we don't give money back. You understand?" Umm... okay? One foot through the door when a different assistant said "No yeah you can get the money back." Okay we walk back in. "But you can only get in back from the media centre which is in the next building and they're open Monday-Friday." Today is Saturday. So Tamsin and I spun on our heels and left!

Had some lunch at the Roehampton University cafe. Tamsin also enjoys eating unattractively.
We then said our jovial farewells to Roehampton in the best possible way. Maybe. Back on the train and back to Egham in all its glory. Then the rest of the day was me sitting at this laptop thinking to myself "WRITE THE ASSIGNMENT PHOEBE". I did the introduction. It's not long it's just I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. Sounds like no one does which is somewhat reassuring. I think the lecturer should be extremely impressed that I went all the way to Roehampton though. She better.

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  1. ha i laughed for a good solid minute at that last minute.. gold!