Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I'm back from the brink and I forgot to mention a few things last time. I had a room check on Tuesday and they left a notes on my bed saying it was "satisfactory". Satisfactory? My room was SPOTLESS they should have written on this generic note "your room was the best in all the land" but no. Now that there's not another room check for a month my clothes have returned to their natural place - on the floor. Oh another random thing that happened yesterday after I'd already posted. I was going to the bathroom, keep in mind this is an all girls floor, when someone appeared through the frosted glass. I looked up to open the door and there was a guy coming out of the shower! I gave him a genuine "what the?" look and he went "oh err...sorry". Really weird. No wonder the drains are always blocked...smelly boys.

Something else I've noticed. With regards to my sadness yesterday and monthly cry of "no one likes me" I think it's party BECAUSE I'm Australian. I thought the Brits loved Aussies? Well not at this University I don't think. I mean I have a good joke about it and everything and that's fine. But there are some who bring it up in subtle ways around me and I just wonder if it's a gentle reminder that I don't belong here. Sounds silly but its been adding up of late...

Onto today! Today is Wednesday and Miranda and I went to Staines! In all its stainy glory. The main reason for our trip was to go to the movies! - hang on. Someone is a-knocking. Some random girl asking if I knew security's number?? I gave it to her and asked if everything was alright... How strange... Anyway back to the movies! Last time I went to the cinema was... at least a couple of months ago. Staines had more shops than Egham which isn't hard to accomplish but there are SO many nice things here! I go into the bookshop and look around longingly and go into clothes stores and cry at the prices. Sigh. In my head I constantly play the if-I-had-a-million-pounds game. It's a nice little town. And by little I mean bigger than Egham but a lot smaller than London. Miranda and I are so sick of the food at the dining hall we splurged and had a huge lunch. I had creamy pasta and Miranda had chicken fajitas which are hilarious when mispronounced. It's 10pm now and I'm still full. I ate that much.

After lunch we went into a toy store and marveled at all the British variations on toys. I found an excellent new roommate. Alas he was a little too expensive for my taste. That and I didn't really need a big orangutan puppet except to annoy Miranda with and that served its purpose in the shop. The film was pretty good. We saw "He's just not that into you" and, yeah, it was OKAY but I didn't really like the ending. It was raining when we came out so we trotted back to the train station to go one stop to Egham. Got back to campus and found this door to one of the bathrooms in Founders which was the smallest door you could get through without mashing your forehead every time. Look at the photo! I look HUGE. Maybe the food here encourages growth - I guess you'll all have to wait and find out. Judging from the photos I took today - Staines didn't have too much to offer in the way of tourist attractions. It was funny though because a lot of the other international students were in Staines as well going to the cinema. We've all got cabin fever from within Egham. Have to get up earlier than usual for class tomorrow because of some thing the lecturer wants us to do. Knowing him we won't do it anyway! Hopefully tonight I'll rid myself of that ever-so-attractive bloodshot eye look and get some serious sleep. Nighty night!

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