Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Day!

Got up, got dressed, got motivated for class, waited...waited...waited in the snow. Still waiting for my classmates... No one showed. Or should I say snowed? HAHA!

Anyway no one showed up so I went back to my room, not knowing what else to do, and checked my email just in case. The website was down. So I rang one of the girls in the class and she goes "Oh yeah we got an email, like, yesterday saying class wasn't on because of the snow or whatever". Shame I didn't get that email. Mmm hmm after the maintenance on the site was done I checked my email and there was nothing there. Out of the loop once again. They really don't like helping international students here huh?

The snow is, sadly, melting but there were a couple of showers throughout the day - snow, rain and snow. I think it's melting now because when I was walking to class I had to do a quick dash under all the trees as various snow clumps fell off the trees and went "plop" on the ground. I took a photo of the Noh Theatre where I have class so you can really see the snow.

So this is before...

And this is after...

Nice and white! So yes, today was a snow day, because I didn't have class! I couldn't do a victory dance with anyone though because (cleverly) they were still in bed. So I got more study done and then at 1:30 discovered the joys of online monopoly...

As promised here is another video of Miranda and my antics. This time it features a good deal of London and, no, the people looking at us strangely were not actors - they were just weirded out. So featured in this video are the happenings of my last blog - Waterloo, St Paul's Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe, Camden Markets and our place of residence appears in a few shots. Enjoy!

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