Monday, 9 February 2009

And then it rained...

I'm so sorry about my slackness in this blog business of late. It's just that I've been waiting for something to happen so I can tell you about it and... nothing much has. I mean mundane to the max - returning library books, reading, online monopoly (it's addictive) and that's pretty much it for the past 3 days. On Thursday night I went to this art club and we got to sit around a big table and do portraits of one another. It was really lovely because everyone was really friendly and accepting of my awful drawings. There were some people there that were AMAZING artists and they were so modest about it. Incredible. Very lovely evening and there were even chocolate biscuits involved! I will definitely be back next week!
Then on Friday when I was returning all these books on domestic abuse (it's an assignment but it looked pretty funny) I ran into a girl from one of my classes and at the moment there is a student election on so everyone is campaigning. So she was handing out flyers for her friend, who was running, and the poor thing had been there since nine in the morning and had been rained, snowed and rained on once more. She looked so cold! I also went to see a student production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" which was good. I haven't seen it performed before so that was interesting.
Okay so that's pretty much covered Friday and Saturday. Although on Saturday the dining hall isn't open so I had a microwave dinner, in the fridge, waiting for me. So I finish another round of monopoly and head to the pantry to find - someone has completely ripped open the plastic bag I keep my food in, sprayed every item around and stolen the dinner! Yay! The thing is I could SMELL it. It had just been cooked and they had just escaped my wrath because, seriously, I'm totally over this petty theft thing and it makes me want to break things. So I went to bed hungry after dining on some crackers and an apple. Sigh.
Sunday! Went to the dining hall for a big breakfast - as I was starving. I even had BAKED BEANS! Who would have thought? So I sat down at a table by my onesies when the girl who lives next door to me, Jessie, invited me to sit with her and her friends who also live on this floor. Very pleasant! What a nice girl. Oh and we have a room inspection on Monday and she was telling me all about it - how slack the inspection people are because they usually don't show up until Thursday so I've done a bit of a clean. Meh. I also made a collage! I shall attach a photo of it because it is so cool and my room here is pretty bland. I have taken a photo of the whole thing then close ups so you can appreciate it's coolosity. I drew the mermaid!
Later that evening I went back to the "Royal Holloway Players" for another evening of hilarity. We played some different games this week and that was fun. Then at the end we played "hoedown" which I've seen on TV but I've never tried before. So I watched a round and then everyone made me go up! I was SO scared. Luckily I went last. So the game works where four people are in a line and they each recite 4 rhyming couplets. Is that right? 8 lines? Anyway they do that and you are given a topic like relationships and you make up a funny limerick about that. So, yes, I was last and so nervous, blocking my ears so I could think of something and not get distracted, dancing on the spot to help the though process - or maybe I just like dancing. My topic was Harry Potter so I managed to cobble something together at the last possible second and it worked! It was rather rude so I won't repeat it but I did it! Completely surprised myself. Everyone was like "Yeah! Great hoedown" and I felt special. Then a bunch of us went to the uni bar and I had some more cider - too much on reflection because I'm not feeling to hot at present. So that was really fun, chatting to the improvisation people. Oh! And then we went downstairs and played fooz ball (no idea how to spell it). You know, the game with the little soccer men and you move them back and forth with sticks - wow great explanation there. You must know what I mean. Google it. So at first I watched and then we played two vs two and my team won! What an evening! This naturally warranted a victory dance which I did. Haha! The night wore on and I was escorted back to Founders and managed to crash into bed only to have to get up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom. I miss my en suite! Walking down the hall is such a trial. Sigh.
Woke up this morning and it's seriously raining now. Every Monday morning the fire alarm test usually goes off at 8:30 and I woke up just before 8:30 and then there was no alarm and it's now 11. Surely I couldn't have slept through the alarm? It's not possible I mean that thing is SO LOUD. Maybe the alarm is broken. Oh well. It's raining there can't be too many fires around.

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  1. hello my poor little onesie you done good...