Thursday, 19 February 2009

Yep. It's Reading Week.

You're probably wondering why you haven't heard from in a while... Well mostly it's because I've had my head down trying to get my assignment done because I'm still not sure how to do it. It's terrible because the library on campus is not equipped to be able to finish it! In fact, I'm going all the way to Roehampton University on Saturday to use their library to finish this assignment! Crazy.

As you can gather its been a pretty quiet couple of days. Shuffling back and forth from the library with stacks of books on bulimia - getting some strange looks along the way. When I say quiet I also mean in the literal sense as most of the people in Founders have gone home for reading week! Yay! Sleep! The fly in the ointment with this is that the fire alarm has gone off everyday since reading week began. Usually I take my time with fire alarms because they are almost always false alarms. The other evening, however, I found out that this building in which I am currently residing is the second most flammable building in England! Oh goody! This is because it was built almost two hundred years ago and is insulated with straw. Basically what this means is that if the fire hit the insulation - I would have no hope of escape. Needless to say I'm taking these alarms a little bit more seriously now and when I got to bed I always make sure my ugg boots, coat and keys are all within reach of rolling out of bed.

Last night, however, I went into London with some of the Holloway Players to see a professional improvisation show which was hilarious! One of the people playing was a woman who I've seen on "Whose Line is it Anyway?" many times. (It's a television show for those who don't know) So I got a bit starstruck when she came onstage. They're very clever and witty. They played one game which was SO complicated. One of the performers went outside and the MC got a strange job description from the audience for the person outside to guess. It was not easy it any way. From verbal clues this poor man had to guess that he was a man who lured bees into 1.2 metre ASDA (it's some sort of brand) made frisbees with Turkish Delight! How on earth could you get that when the clues they were giving were like one guy who came on saying that "this is where he meets his girlfriend. It's the one place he can meet her. One to meet her. ONETOMEETHER." Which, if you say it fast, becomes 1 2 metre. Pretty tricky huh? No idea how he got it in the end. The guy guessing kept getting upset with the audience because we'd cheer when he'd repeat something like "onetomeether" and he'd say "yeah that means something to you but it doesn't to me!" Very funny. The point is he did get it! Every component of that difficult clue he mastered. Genius.

On the way back to the train station (have to early nights in London because the last train back to Egham leaves at 11:30 which is a bummer so you either leave then or hang around London until the 5am train which I was not ready to do) I took a stroll to the riverbank and had a look at all the lovely blazing lights of London. I tried to take a photo but they never turn out how you want. It doesn't capture the atmosphere - chilly, misty and magical! So use your imagination I suppose. Another important feature of this jaunt is that I went with only two layers and a coat on! It's getting more bearable! Hooray! I won't forever be doomed to look frumpy while I'm here!

That's all I've got to report at present - sorry! Back to my assignment... and perhaps monopoly.

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