Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pity Blog

Yes one and all - it's come to this. A pity blog. All I have to talk about are my feelings and woes, not necessarily in that order.

Oh man I feel like total rubbish at present. My hair is awful because of the weather, skin dry, pimples, hat hair, looking like a frump in all my layers and no one around to tell me "it's alright". Yikes. Tuesday I went to my Therapy class and I just couldn't face it. I honestly did not want to get out of bed for that - I did though. Dragging myself to class I arrived at 10:45 - 15 minutes early thinking that at least the lecturer will have arrived. By five to I was beginning to worry if there had been another phantom email sent to everyone but me. No...people trickled in at about 10:59 and we had to start at 11:05. I guess I'm just overly punctual for class? The class itself was pretty mind-numbing today. We had to do a catch up class of last week's readings and then the readings from this week as well and also talk about assignments. It was a complete talking class. I just struggled because I still don't understand the slight differences between one discipline of theatre therapy and another! Even the lecturer admits "there is a lot of blurring". Why bother? They're all aiming at helping people lets just leave it at that! In the end she left two hours early to go somewhere and left us to do an exercise. Naturally, we finished it in 45 minutes and then left early. That was probably the best part about the class. Sigh. Oh no and I have to write this assignment!? Argh.

Later that evening...

Miranda and I were desperate for a light dinner of sushi and the only place we could get it was down in Egham. So we walked. I was thinking that maybe the reason I'm sleeping so much here is because of the heavy food. Every dinner is swimming in gravy or carbs or starch. I feel bloated and awful after most meals. Wow all this whinging - what a fun read this must be. Anyway the Tesco sushi was average but it did the job and then we walked back up the hill where I met Tamsin, a very funny girl from the therapy class - we both make hilarious jokes about it as you could probably guess. We went to the Midnight Boilerhouse show which started at eight. Go figure. Two of the boys from my Directing class were in it and that was fun to see them doing their show - which was actually a professional show at the Edinburgh play festival thing. Onwards to the Student Union to catch the last half-hour of the Royal Holloway Players. They play for two whole hours - exhausting. That was funny. Then we went to Medicine because the student elections were being announced. FINALLY I was getting so sick having a pamphlet shoved down my throat whenever I left my room. The girl in my class, who I voted for, didn't win : (. That was so sad. I had a Snakebite for the first time - yes it's a drink - which consists of Carlsberg, Strongbow and Blackcurrant juice? I think that's right. It was pretty weird but I ended up finishing it so it must have been good! Yay! I have some photos to show this time. Quite funny actually because Tamsin kept posing wrong. Tee hee!Tamsin get your drink in the shot.
Tamsin get your drink in the shot.
Yeah. That'll do. Tamsin headed home and I eventually lost the trickle of friends who were there and decided to head on home. Why is everywhere I need to go uphill?
So this is where the sadness and aforementioned woes come into play. Walking back I was just hit with a surge of "Phoebe you suck" and got a bit teary actually. It was just all dawning on me - all the girls in my hall hate me, everyone at Royal Holloway hates me, the British public hate me - silly I know. One of the boys from Holloway Players asked if I was okay and said I needed "chocolate and a girly movie". I chose Minstrels (delicious British sweets) and Pocahontas. It wasn't until I got back to my room that I looked in the mirror (Urk) and say that a tiny dollop of blood was coming from my left nostril. Oh no! How long had that been there? At the pub? When the guy had seen me? Did he think I'd been roughed up? Oh dear. Long night I tell you. Anyway I'm sure that was very difficult for you to read and I promise to make the next blog far more interesting - I'm going to Leeds and Stonehenge on the weekend so hang in there! As will I.


  1. Phoebe!! You're awesome!! The girls in our hall are retarded and therefore their opinion shouldn't matter. And you have made tons of friends! People think you're charming!! We do need chocolate and a girlie movie!! It's alright Phoebe, England loves you!

  2. Mummy loves you too that?