Saturday, 14 February 2009

Yaaaarrrr I had class...

Thursday, Thursday. Class on Thursday! Directing class... Started class. Remember how panicked I was about handing in that scene? How worried I was about over preparing? Well...the lecturer felt it necessary to find flaws with my concept that I had to defend - in front of the entire class. Yay. Almost everything that I defended my idea with was in my written piece which, in his hand, he held. And yet it gets worse. I'll sandwich my disappointment with this day between some of the random activities we did in class. One exercise was that we had to stand with our legs apart and act as if we were rowing. Up and down. Work harder! Faster! Rowing, up, down, can't stop. No actual oars but us lurching up and down violently. The best part is that the following day I could barely get out of bed because my spine was so sore - and still is. The second exercise which is very worthy of reporting was where we all had to lie down on the floor as close to one another as possible in a line. So we looked like a human raft thing. The lecturer then said "okay now tense your stomachs and I'm going to walk across all of you". Just kidding. He did say that and don't go thinking the exercise is now going to become normal - because it SO isn't. He then said "what I actually want you to do is for the person on the edge to roll over all the people til they get to the end and become part of the line again. Go". That's right. In turn, we had to roll over one another like logs. I got awfully intimate with my classmates in a very short space of time. I felt bad crushing everyone and being crushed at the same time. How awkward. Then we had to go back to doing the exercise of last week - the couple making out in front of us while rehearsing a play! (Please keep in mind they weren't making out but that's the idea he was going for I guess) I was ready to scream! Doing the script we don't need AT ALL for the 5th week in a row?? AHHH!!
And now for the absolute rubbish part of my day. We had to cast one another in our chosen scene. All week I was talking to Miranda how eager I was to see who cast me and what kind of roles I would get to perform. We went round the circle saying who we would like for our scripts.
No one picked me.
That's right. I did not have a scene at all until I put my hand up and resisted saying I knew this would happen but "I don't have a role". In the end I was put in this guy's group who wanted three guys and because there weren't enough he got stuck with me and I felt awful! I don't want to ruin his piece because I have trouble performing a male role. Meanwhile people were discussing their two, three, four pieces they were acting in. I can tell you this did not help my self-esteem them as seen in the previous blog one bit. And that was my day. Absolutely awful.

I had my art class which was pleasant. It was clothing altering and I brought and old shirt which I am now embroidering leaves and such on to exhibit in the "four elements" show sometime into the semester. Overall Thursday was a crap day.

Now onto Friday! Friday I licked my emotional wounds and trotted down to Egham for supplies. I'm sure groceries are getting steadily more expensive since I've been here which sucks. Finished decorating my room. It now has my lovely collage and one part of the wall is covered with awesome pictures. I'll show you when I don't have any other photos because this takes me to the event of the evening - Pirate Night! You don't think I put "Yaaaarrrrrr" in the title for no reason did you? Tut tut. Pirate night means that the Student Union is turned into a piratey themed disco for the evening and everyone dresses like pirates and gets their groove on. Bought my ticket and did my best - I wasn't exactly expecting a pirate theme to turn up but I managed. Headed down at 11:30pm with my neighbour, Jessie, and some of her friends, who are all SO lovely, and we danced the night away! (Jessie is the one on the far left with the purple corset) It was a lot of fun. The DJ was on the stage, inside a boat that read "S.S RHUL" on the side and there were pirate flags and such hanging from the ceiling. It was great seeing everyone dressed so crazy and it was actually hot inside so I got down to TWO layers! Walking to and from the hall was a little chilly, however. Got my groove on and observed the costumes. Some very full-on pirates running around - eyepatches, ripped clothes and drunkenness! Though some of the students seem to have made their own theme because there were several tarzans and cats about the place. Who knows. I didn't get back to my room until 3:20am! Keep in mind that I had to be up at 7 the next morning to go to Canterbury and Leeds Castle. I did manage but that tale will have to wait as I am very tired now after a long day. In conclusion, Thursday = crap, Friday = fun.

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  1. Pirates what a treat ...buckup me hearty...a jolly good read...look forward to the next edition