Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow Day postponed...

Yesterday was my day off from classes (scheduled day off that it because I didn't have class the previous day either) so I had to get this thing done for class the next day. Went to the library and got out millions of plays, read them, finally chose one (Streetcar Named Desire), picked a scene, got more books specialising on my chosen topic and then had to plot out a set design, costumes, lighting and so on! I then had to do brief notes in case I didn't get my first choice. Now if you've been reading this blog religiously, as I hope you all are, you should know that I have been stressing about this thing since last week AND the week before. Needless to say I went all out. So I finished it at 8 last night and plodded along to library to print out and a very helpful library man hovered around me during the whole process and then discovered that the printers weren't working - typical. So he printed them all out in his office for free! Not bad! I was quite impressed.
Earlier that day I went to Egham for foody type supplies and to get Miranda some tissues and juice because the poor thing is still sick. Walking past all the little houses was funny because each yard would be bare except for a big pile of snow in the middle which, I guess, looked like snowmen when it was colder but now look like melted corpses - which I suppose they were. One snowman, however, was doing well with an afro wig, red feather boa, rubber gloves and two huge breasts! Snowman? Whatever.

The walk to Egham is really peaceful - birds actually chirp which makes it so surreal. Almost took a tumble at least 30 times in the whole journey. I managed to slip the most when people were watching which was annoying.

Returned and now onto today.

Snow melting - had to go to class. Supposed to be snow on Saturday though - I'll keep you posted. Went to class and, yes, I had outdone myself tremendously on the hand-in thing. Everyone crowded round me and flicked through my "works consulted", appendices, diagrams and script. I didn't know! I'm really paranoid about uni here because they mark REALLY hard. So that was that done - YAY! Today in class the director got two people up and made them do a scene as if one person was in love with the other and the other person wasn't in love with anymore. Does that make sense? One person in love, the other not anymore. So this girl had to enter the scene and get really personal in front of us all. The tutor would stop them and be like "do we believe them? Come back and do it again but be more intimate and physical". So glad I wasn't chosen because the next pair were half-kissing, hugging and oh man I felt awkward for everyone in the room.The students that were doing it got right into, very maturely which is another reason I'm glad I wasn't picked. I'd squirm and giggle and not want to participate.

So that was my day and tonight I might go to an art class that I'll have to find on campus somewhere. I don't have any photos, once again, so here is a photo I took in Oxford in a graveyard. I thought it was a lovely photo so - yeah enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much Phoebe for caring for my daughter while she's been sick! Means more than you'll ever know!

    Sincerely grateful,
    Miranda's Mom