Sunday, 22 March 2009

And now for a lovely ramble...

Yes a jolly good ramble is in order. And by ramble I don't just mean like every blog where I talk and talk about the random flow of things that I remember of the day! By ramble, today, I use the English term which is to take a walk.

So today Miranda and I went for a ramble through Great Windsor Park. Now if you're memory is good you will notice that I have been to this park before. To give you some perspective of when that was - the lake that is in the park, last time I was there, was frozen. It's a beautiful park and there was blue sky and sunshine! I've never been so grateful. Have a look at the park's loveliness...

It was so lovely that Miranda and I burst into song and were belting out "I know you I've walked with you once upon a dream" from Sleeping Beauty until we rounded a corner and saw a whole bunch of people with a mix and dogs and children. Eep. No more singing.

Seeing all the doggies playing about made me miss my doggy, Daisy. Though I was thinking that even if she was here she would just be a pain because you can't trust her off the leash like these dogs could be. She would struggle and disobey... Hmm... mixed feelings for you Daisy doodles. It was funny watching little children interact with random dogs. There was this one little girl who wasn't use to being licked by a dog and as we were walking away we hear the mother screeching "Don't lick the dog back Lucy!"

There were all sorts of animals and such about the park. Different kinds of ducks and swans! Swans... how perfect. Swans skimming the shimmering yellow water of the sunset - how pathetically poetic. No wonder all the good literary individuals were English. They've got Gothic scary stuff and then beautiful poetic stuff. England is good all year round for literature.

The BEST part of the walk was ... the ICE-CREAM! Yes, dear readers, it was warm enough not to wear a coat and eat soft serve ice-cream. I haven't had a soft serve in so long so this one was perfection. Miranda and I were joking that because we are so pale that the ice-creams in our hands just look like our hands are clubs holding sticks (which was the chocolate flake). It's my ghost arms scenario all over again. See what you think...

I think this last photo is a bit club-like - handwise. It's so nice to wear sunglasses and not look like a fool because there is no sun. A very lovely walk overall and we've decided to go back next week sometime to explore the whole park - it's massive. By then there might be more flowers out. Now it's mostly daffodils. Tomorrow it's off to Stratford!

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