Saturday, 7 March 2009

And so on and so on and so on...

Since I have returned everything has slipped back into its usual routines - nothingness and study. Such is life. You can't escape the mundane no matter where you are.

Wednesday night was fun though. Miranda, Dani and Brittany (other American girls) got together and made Kraft Mac n Cheese. They had all been longing and homesick for it and luckily (or rather strangely) the supermarket in Egham had an American food section, featuring Macaroni Cheese. So Miranda and I trooped over to the Butler halls of residence which are SO NICE. It's SO unfair... Why must we rot in Founders? The only downside of Butler is that you have to cook your own meals which I think I would have got sick of in five seconds so I guess I am grateful for that component of Founders. Butler get double beds, en suite bathrooms and generally nice living areas! Waaaaaa! I guess it's adding to the experience - the experience of not getting any sleep! My bed is soooo uncomfortable. I forget what it's like to have a decent night of sleep and to not look like a panda all the time.
ANYWAY back to the Mac and or Cheese. The girls all scuttled about cooking it while I stood by and watched. After a whole ten minutes or so it was done! It was very very tasty. (Even though Miranda will probably read this - "Hi!" - I think we have Kraft Mac n Cheese at home. Do we? Anyone?)
After dinner we had ice cream! Delicious ice cream. It's actually warm in Butler (as you can see I'm only in a T-shirt!) so you can eat ice cream without freezing. I had to then rush off because I was going to rehearse my directing piece for class the next day. I was SO nervous. I've never properly directed anyone before - no idea what I'm doing. It went well I think but I'm not sure I'll be able to deliver what our lecturer wants. I mean I'm sure he'd love it if I got my female actors naked onstage rolling over one another but that doesn't really fit with Streetcar.

The next day (Thursday) I went to class. We were spending the whole day just rehearsing and directing our pieces which meant for me sitting and reading trying not to look upset. I'm only in one piece so I had like 2 and half hours or so of nothing. I rehearsed by piece with the lecturer watching and he took me out of the room and said the accent thing "wasn't working" so now I have to change it. Sigh. I almost broke into tears in front of him because I felt like I wasn't doing anything right and he said I shouldn't worry so much. Humph. Easy for him to say. Overall it was a pretty rubbish day but at least I looked cute in one of my new dresses! Yay!

Friday - I did my laundry. That's it. No Miranda doing laundry therefore no video. No fun. Though now I have clean sheets which is a bonus.

Saturday - today! Yay! I had to go to Roehampton today with Tamsin because we are doing a seminar on Tuesday that is worth 50%! I think it will be good though. Poor Tamsin is super sick though so I don't even know if she'll be able to do it. Roehampton library was just as hopeless as last time with unhelpful and useless staff members as far as the eye can see. Roehampton is just one big faff. Seriously. Photocopiers not working, printing card machines not working - my GOODNESS. The place begs to be lit on fire. But I maintained my sanity for the duration of the trip. Tamsin drove us there and back so we had a fun little road trip. As you can see by the pictures - England roads aren't that exciting but I felt I needed more photos for this blog.

Hopefully, I'll have something more interesting to write about in the next blog. Encouraging I know. For now - it's back to playing the Sims!

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