Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Goodbye Scotland - Hello Founders

The last two days of my time in Scotland were really fun and well spent. Spent being the operative word as I spent far too much money on clothes - I couldn't help it! They are so pretty! I haven't bought anything new in yonks! Stop looking at me like that!
Annnyway... Julia and I hunted the shops and let me tell you Glasgow has awesome shopping. Especially when you are shopping with a pro who knows all the good places AKA Julia.
We found some hilarious knickers that neither of us could work out how to actually wear...
Julia got a lovely new bra which she showed off for the general public as we ate lunch - baked potatoes YUM! Though apparently I'm weird for having cheese AND sour cream on mine. I guess I'm just weird. That night we had baked potatoes for dinner as well (I'll get em while they are available) and I had chili con carne, cheese and sour cream and even though Julia and the waitstaff all looked at me strangely - I enjoyed it. I then had a traditional pudding - it was butterscotch and delicious.

The next day we got up and, you got it, went shopping again! Didn't see all the shops the first time round. At two Julia's mum dropped off my suitcase (which was now 3 kilos heavier than when I started) and Julia and I hopped on the bus to the airport. We were just pulling in when Julia started telling me how the Glasgow airport was under siege by terrorists not so long ago! Like a couple of years ago - How did I miss this? Some people drove a car with a bomb in it into the front of the airport but the bomb went off too early so the burning car ploughed into the airport. Because of this one of the terrorists burned to death and the other one tried to make a run for it but was tackled but a Scotsman - and now, according to Julia, this Scotsman is milking his heroic behaviour for all its worth - even now! Now that made me a touch nervous as I went in but everything was fine and dandy and Julia waited with me until I had to go through my gate. Typically, my flight was delayed but 20 minutes. Sigh. Said my goodbyes to Julia - if you're reading this - thank you very much I had a lovely time! Can't wait to return! There's a nice photo of us for closure. A very lovely time. Not even the constant drizzle of rain could get me down.
I got on the plane and had no one sitting next to me telling me about piglets in papers. Ah well. Maybe next time. I had a delicious chicken salad though... it was really good. Lime and everything. Is it just me or is this blog all about food?
Got off the plane and trotted out to the bus. My bag was one of the last one to come of the conveyor belt and I had a minor panic attack inside until it eventually rolled out. So onto the bus. The bus turned up and I walked forward to get on and the bus driver looked at me and shook his head. Okay... I'll just wait. The bus driver then turned off the engine and went to the back of the bus, leaned down, looked puzzled and called someone on his walkie talkie. Another man arrived. Walked to the back of the bus, leaned down, looked puzzled and called someone on HIS walkie talkie. Enter man number 3 who did the same thing again. This time, however, he called a woman over who did - the same thing. Once man number four had arrived I overheard one of them saying that some guy had fallen into a heavy sleep lying on the floor at the back of the bus. At first I thought he could be dead and that would mean I would get home even later! Yes I'm very sympathetic when I'm tired. Eventually they kicked him awake and he stumbled off the bus to be greeted by two policeman - what a commotion! I got on the bus and after a while so did the sleepy man! Why would he get back on the bus? Did he not catch the HEATHROW bus to go to HEATHROW? I was very much confused... I arrived home and then went to Holloway Players show. Had a pint and went to bed.
Had class the next day (Therapy class) but nothing worth noting because we have to all do seminars in pairs so I learnt a lot about Autism, Aspergers, Anorexia and Alcoholics - all beginning with the letter 'A'. After class I had dinner and then went to the student production which starred a couple of people I know. It was pretty funny and I was really lucky to get a ticket! It was their last last show so they squeezed me in. So that was funny and I said well done to all my friends and then braved the AWFUL weather outside. It was disgusting weather. Seriously it was a gale. Rain pouring and wind blowing. I had to stop a couple times thinking I would be blown over - It was not nice. The people in the play should appreciate the trouble I went to in trekking through the grounds in that weather.
Not much else to report. Today (Wednesday) I'm going to lie low and get some chores and work done - woopee!

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