Sunday, 1 March 2009


Today was a lazy day. We woke up late and then watched, that's right, Sex and the City. It's such a good show and I will miss it dearly when I go back to Egham.

Eventually we got dressed and put on one of the many many Celtic shirts that Julia owns. Celtic are her favourite team and because they have season tickets we went to the game that was playing. Celtic Vs St Mirren. After Julia dropped her phone in the toilet we set off to catch the train. The train was full of people wearing green and white scarves, shirts and hats. Celtic's colours are green and white - just in case you hadn't picked it up.

We got off the train with the other masses of people and marched, like ants, to the stadium - Celtic Park/Parkhead - the biggest stadium in Scotland - 60 000 people. Most of the seats were full too. Mostly because everyone has season tickets and most of the seats were full too. It was pretty cold and it drizzled with ran now and again but that didn't dampen the day. We had our bags checked and scooted into our seats - which we had to dry - and got ready for some football.
After Julia gave me a run down of the players and basic game rules (I needed my memory refreshed) the game began! Celtic hasn't been playing as well as they usually do and are tied in the table with their enemies - Rangers. I found out a while ago that Rangers were actually the team that my family supported fiercely - whoops. The supporters of the Rangers sound like madmen from what Julia was telling me. I mean there was a time when a Celtic fan literally had their head jumped on and died. Then Rangers fans would sing the Celtic fans "bouncy bouncy" and it went to Parliament and they got shamed. Serves them right. Football here is FIERCE. Julia went to a match in London and the Celtic fans had to wait in the stadium for 2 hours after the game and be escorted by police because the Rangers fans were crazy. Even when she came out they were yelling and throwing bottles and such. Yikes.

Anyway I got distracted - back to the game. There was a player called Scott McDonald and he is the Australian of the team. Woo! Apparently when he scores they play "Skippy the bush kangaroo" and they call him Skippy. Sadly he didn't score. But that didn't stop the fans yelling "com own Skippee!". "Go wee man! Com own wee man!" Very atmospheric.

The actual game got me in. Half time flew by with the score at 2 - 0 to Celtic. Much rejoicing went on. The first goal happened once one of the Celtic players kicked it, the goalie grabbed it then accidentally threw it into the goal. HA HA! Brilliant. We then quickly scurried to the canteen which offered general foods and Bovril. You may not have heard of Bovril and neither had I - it's a beefy drink. It's a MEAT drink. How GROSS IS THAT?? Bleeeh. Julia said it's really popular and that is just wrong. She hasn't tried it and there was no way I was going to try - not without a bucket or something nearby.

Half time finished and went back to our seats for an amazing finish. I barely sat down because the final score was 7 - 0. Oh yeah. I am a good luck charm. One of the other goals was scored because the other team accidentally kicked it in! HA HA! It was funny because both players of the other team who kicked it in suddenly lay down on the ground, looking dead. It looked so funny. It was so good when everyone started singing (I made Julia join in). An awesome game. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully next time I come back here I can go again.

We caught the train back and it was SO FULL that we couldn't buy tickets. There was no machine on the platform so we got a free ride home. If a ticket inspector came I could just put on my innocent Australian voice and say that I didn't know. Julia would play the role of mute French person.

We got back and Julia's boyfriend, Vinny, came round and he was disappointed that Celtic won - being a Rangers fan - Boooooooooo! Then we got pizza and watched the Sex and the City movie - you can see that we clearly like the show. Tomorrow is a day of shopping! YIPPEE! Must get my rest...

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