Sunday, 29 March 2009

Blow Out!

With University finished I feel so... aimless. I mean I never had uni on a Friday anyway but now... what will I do with my time? Miranda is long gone in Hull - that's right Miranda I'm pining! Waaah!

Tonight is the last night of term so there is a HUGE party down at the student union known as "Blow Out". It's pretty much the same as all the other theme nights throughout the year except that this one doesn't have a dress theme and has three times more people crammed into the same space. And also it costs a pound more than usual because of the F-grade celebrity guest... drum roll... Scott from Five! Five being the boy band that was huge about ten years ago. Five being the band that has FIVE members. Scott from Five... well... he looked a bit lonely up there on the stage. It was pretty funny. There were people talking beforehand saying that he had allegedly got really fat and so on. Well he hadn't got fat... in fact he looked much the same as when I saw him in concert (with Five) ten or so years ago. Tell me what you think. I mean try to get a feel with the terrible photo I took. It's just one camera battling against a sea of other cameras and drunken arms flailing about. Wow looking at my picture that excuse doesn't even cover it... Look him up on the internet. I felt kind of bad for the guy because before he came on there were "booooo"s. I wasn't one of the boo-ers. I was actually quite excited to sing some of those catchy songs which now are a guilty pleasure.

Out he came and everyone began their bouncing around and I got a bit jostled. Scott began singing some of the slower and lesser known Five songs which just got the "boo"ing people more aggravated. Then came the hits. Oh boy. The memories! Jumping like a loon to all those terrible hits like "Baby when the lights go out" and "Everybody get up". I was more amazed that both Srik and Andy knew all the words and seriously got into the dancing. Here are their expressions on seeing Scott.
Pretty amazing... And now a photo involving my expression on seeing Scott (note that Andy and Srik have somewhat swapped expressions?!)
I still remembered most of the words which was something. It was all in good fun though it was pretty crappy when he only played a medley of their hits and then left after about 15-20 minutes. I mean as a washed up singer what else had he got to do of an evening? Apart from trying not to drink himself into a stupor? I paid an extra pound! Bah! I still had a lot of fun though because they kept playing all the rubbishy songs from my childhood. I ended up drinking either too much or too little because the night ended far too quickly! It's quite silly because everyone turns up for these parties at 11:30 and they close the doors at 3... Not a lot of dancing time but oh well.
Oh great... now I'm about to go to bed and I've got a Five song stuck in my head... sigh... it's going to be a long night... baby when the lights... go out... babe I swear you will so come to me...Zzzzzzz

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  1. ohhhhhhh THAT'S who sang the "Baby when the lights go out" song???