Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Springtime Haircut!

Hello loyal readers!

I must first make an important announcement. Last Wednesday night (I forgot to report about it) there were three attacks and one rape in Englefield Green. Englefield Green is like the suburb next door to Royal Holloway and when I say next door I mean literally over the main road. I was in rehearsal at the time when one of the girls got a call from her friend who was one of those attacked. She said some guy come up to her and asked for directions, she gave them to him and started to walk away briskly when he yelled coarse language at her and began to chase her. Luckily, this girl was a super fast runner and got away. So much for the Egham police saying at the beginning of our stay here that Egham is the safest town in England! Don't worry though I was well informed and walked home one of the girls who had a male friend accompanying her. I was very safe. I am being very careful so you needn't worry but - yikes - it's all become very real.
And now onto my silly little blog. I have scrambled from the clutches of boredom and have exciting things to write about! Tamsin was still very very ill so we couldn't do our seminar presentation on Tuesday and it is now rolled to next week. I'll get it done. Eventually. I mean it's not like I'm procrastinating by writing this blog..................ANYWAY
Time dragged it's heels to today - Wednesday! A very exciting day. Over the past week or so flowers have started blooming from every orifice of Royal Holloway. Especially Daffodils. They're everywhere! Have a look!

Yeah... I now realise they're not that easy to see. The little yellow blobs on the green - they're flowers. Love them as I do. The building in the background is where I live (from another angle) in all its glory.

Miranda and I up very early this morning to get a train into London because we were getting.... drum roll... our hair cut! Yay! Much excitement as we booked the appointment like a month ago and have been finding various celebrity hairstyles to mimic. The day had finally arrived and we couldn't contain our excitement. We turned up at the salon - early - it was closed. So we got a coffee, relaxed and went back for the full treatment. The lady cutting our hair was so lovely and she does all the hair for the people who star on X Factor - if that means something to someone then I'll be happy. She has also met Beyonce! Pretty exciting. By this time I was starting to let go of my fear and trust her haircutting skills. And now you can behold!


What do you think? The bow isn't going anywhere. I think the haircut is pretty cute though I was questioning the reason why I cut off my long hair which kept my neck warm. Ah well. It was actually really warm in London today. There were times when both Miranda and I weren't wearing our jackets! Shock!

We went shopping afterwards and found the giant Primark (my favourite store) on Oxford Street and went somewhat mad. I didn't buy hardly anything so everyone calm done. I love Primark because it's so cheap compared to the rest of London and Britain in general. We then went to Camden Market for one last dash and I tried one last time to find this store I found on the internet which sells beautiful 1950s style dresses. Last time we went I forgot the directions but this time I WAS PREPARED. We eventually found it after much walking and confusion. It was stuck down this creepy little alley and positioned above a mechanic's workshop. Seriously. The "shop" smelt of petrol and all the dresses were covered in plastic. The workers in this "shop" were all blokes so Miranda and I felt really weirded out by this place so we left promptly - with no dresses. I was disappointed that that place was so weird but I'm glad we got the heck out of there! I really wanted one of those dresses to wear to the summer ball at the end of term. Ah well. I'll have to keep my eye out for a lovely dress to wear or - god forbid - wear one of the dresses I already have!

Onwards to Camden Market. By this the day was wearing on and Miranda and I were a bit peckish. So we decided to get a small snack at none other than KFC. Now when I say small snack I mean something light - you know what I mean right? Well what I got was not small. It was not little. It was not tiny. It was microscopic. Look at the size of the popcorn chicken I got.

Fitted into the palm of my hand. Now that is what I call a snack. Then started the Camden trawl. I couldn't believe that we had arrived so late - 5:30 - because all the stalls started packing up! Every other time I've come here I've started earlier and been absolutely knackered by this time. Miranda and I, however, were ready for action and marched through the stalls that were open and had a lovely time. The stalls all closed so we decided to have a big Chinese feed for only 3 pounds! Woohoo! I haven't had Chinese food in so long and even though this wasn't the best in the world - it sure felt like it. Oh boy. We also got DONUTS. Not very Chinese but delicious all the same.

We then plodded back to good ol' Waterloo which everyone knows and loves. I really needed the loo so I left my stuff with Miranda and paid 30 pence to use the toilets in the station - I was obviously busting or else I would have waited on principle. It's so stupid. I mean you have to pay to use the toilets in train stations which are, probably, the most disgusting toilets in all of London. You would think by paying you would get a clean hygienic environment - oh no. Even the stupid gate wouldn't open after I paid my money so I had to shimmy my way through the turnstile to get into the festering stinkhole known as Waterloo station restroom. On my way out I noticed a sign that read "Thieves are operating in this station. Do you know who has your property?" I immediately went - MIRANDA! Ran over to her and told the story. What a hilarious pair we are.
Train ride home, walk home. Tiring. At least I have cute hair! Tomorrow I have to show my directing piece for the rest of the class and throw myself at their mercy. I can't say I'm hopeful. I think the lecturer disliked me. Sigh.

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