Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Last Week of Classes!

Wow. Sorry I've left this so long... I will not get slack! I refuse!
So, I can hardly believe it, but this is my last week of classes! The last time I go to my two whole classes of the week. Soon the nine hours of the week I spend learning will be gone - vanished - bombarded with procrastination and travelling! Whoopee!

Now let me see... As you may know last week was a very full week for me with assessment attacking me in every way known. I did my seminar on Bulimia last week with Tamsin and that went fine and I also had my directing piece last week which went fine also. I was SO panicked when watching my scene though - sweating palms, frantically grinding my knuckles and teeth, flatulence. Okay not flatulence but it would be a pretty funny sight. Funny smell too... That all went well and this week I had to do my facilitation with Tamsin on Tuesday. Basically, the two of us lead some of the class through some games and what not for 20 minutes. That all went well and we got some really good feedback in which to write, ugh, 4000 words about. Not possible in my opinion but the lecturer remained optimistic. Though she doesn't have to write them. Tuesday was a bit of a sad day because it is the last time I will get to see the candle lit for class. Sigh. No more building cubby houses and drawing. No more safety cushions, soft tones or ... scepticism. It was a really lovely class though. I was in some other facilitations. One was funny because we had to make up a story as a group and draw the different parts of the story and my part was "the obstacle" so I drew a fridge which had "no cheese". That's the obstacle of my life. Then we talked about the assignment and played some final games before our inevitable final candle ceremony and the closing of Theatre and Therapy 2009. It was so sweet because we all wrote our names on sheets of paper and then went around to each others' sheets writing nice things about them and my sheet was pretty much full of "I love your accent" and "you stink" from Tamsin. Good times. Tamsin actually brought a little tea light for everyone in the class with our names on it and we lit them from our original flame and that was a really nice closing. I got a photo of my classmates and the holy candle for reference. It's sad because, realistically, I will never see some of these people ever again which is quite sad because the best part of this class was the atmosphere and the truly genuine and caring individuals. I shan't forget. Thank you for a wonderful term girls!
Still - last Theatre and Therapy class - Happy dance! Happy dance!
That night Miranda and I went to see a student production of "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". There was one girl in it who was AMAZING. Incredible voice and she easily got all the applause. It's a hard play because the songs are quite tricky but they all did a good job. Miranda and I got totally glammed up for it. We looked a touch out of place amongst the jeans and sneakers but oh well! We needed an excuse. I wore this black dress I got in Camden market and it looks awesome but it sucks having to cover it with a cardigan because it's cold at night. Actually it's cold all the time but hey.
Wednesday. Today I went to a theatresports workshop that was run by one of the guys who was at the Comedy Store who I saw in London. He's a funny man. Actually the funniest thing about the afternoon was the fact that there were about 25-30 people squashed into a room that was no bigger than a matchbox. Difficult to be physical.
Abysmal weather today. No... wait... just really weird weather. Sunshine, rain, clouds, sunshine, clouds, rain and sunshine, clouds, horizontal rain and torrential winds, sunshine and so on and so on! What's wrong with this place? Is someone messing around with the weather dial here? I can't believe I'm boring you with the weather! Yikes.
Tomorrow is my question time with the lecturer about my directing piece last week which will be the most nerve racking ten minutes of my life. It's going to be sweaty, smelly, grinding town all over again! Wish me luck!

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  1. Would love to see you all glammed up in your black Camden dress! Post pics please!
    Saw Miranda's dress on her blog.
    You guys have so much fun. So thankful you two met right away.
    Miranda's Mom