Sunday, 29 March 2009

Royal Holloway - That's all folks.

This is the end! An end of an era... I had my last class at Royal Holloway - EVER - today. Very sad. As I stated in my last blog I was super nervous about the "viver" thing I had to do. A "viver" (however you spell it ... I mean no one knows how it's said let alone how to spell it) is where the lecturers ask you questions about your directing piece. It's like a job interview basically - you prepare not knowing what to expect and then don't use any of your preparatory notes. That's basically how it rolled.

It also rolled by me feeling a constant and severe state of nausea. I was fine writing the notes the previous night, walking to class but as soon as I pushed open the doors and saw other people waiting to go into the room of doom I was ready to lose my breakfast. My breakfast of Minstrels. Not a wise choice but I went there. May I just say that this is my third attempt at writing this blog because it, somehow, manages to keep deleting itself because of powers beyond my control. Hopefully this means that, for once, there is an editing process and might make more sense.

Back in line. The "viver" was only meant to be ten minutes for each person and because I was third the lecturers (of course) felt the need to take five minutes more of our time with their redundant questions. Redundant because A) they probably had already decided my mark and B) because the questions were all covered in the very first piece of paperwork I handed in about the piece. Sigh. They were holding this sessions in one of the dressing rooms which, I felt, made it worse because (being a dressing room) there are mirrors all around the room. This means that instead of only having to deal with two pairs of staring peepers I had millions. Millions! Staring, glaring, frowning, fake smiling and suddenly writing something in their notepads. I couldn't work out if I had said something good or bad when they each bent their heads down to write something. All good I HOPE. 15 minutes and at least 20 questions later I managed to blab my way out of there and was therefore DONE. The only thing I have left is my two demon assignments. I don't know if it's worse because I have 4 weeks to do them and therefore have loads of procrastination time or not... I guess time will tell.

Once again I had to say goodbye to all my classmates who I will hopefully see around next term and at the Summer ball! The tickets went on sale today but because I had class Miranda got some of her friends to buy ours for us (Miranda is in Hull). My goodness the people here are mad for tickets! Most people get there at 3 in the morning and wait for the ticket booth to open at 9. Even then the queue goes outside the building and the minimum waiting time is like 4 hours. Yikes! Hopefully I have ticket though because the Summer ball is supposed to be amazing! Well it darn well should be for 65 pounds.

But yes. I will miss all my Directing class friends. Had some very good laughs with these people. Thank you all so much... Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog - it features a D-grade (or less) celebrity! Woo!

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