Monday, 19 January 2009

Ah Peace and Qui- *FIRE ALARM*

That's right it's been one interesting and noisy day... Woken up again last night... 12:30 ish and I actually told them to "please be quiet". They were semi-obliging I think because they - shock horror - weren't drunk. I was in a total half-sleep though, I barely remember doing it.

When I woke up and started my day of what I thought would be peaceful quiet study time the fire alarm went off! A loud sudden siren in my room echoing from wall to wall. I jumped up and opened my door and asked an oncoming girl "was that a test?" and she replied "yes" in a 'as if you didn't know that was a fire alarm you stupid person' tone. I didn't see any people running down the hall with flames licking at their limbs so I shrugged it off, grabbed some toast and headed back to the ol' room to get some readings done for tomorrow.

4 hours or so later...

Yeah I'm still reading. There is just so many variations and meanings within meanings in drama therapy - who knew? Let's see chapter 12... WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE... that's the good old fire alarm again. I slowly got up thinking - hey it'll be another test - opened my door to see a whole lot of girls exiting the building (with their handbags of course). So, without thinking, I left my room and followed the herd of people outdoors. Now I KNOW that when there is a fire alarm you assemble OUTSIDE of the building but it didn't quite add up today because I didn't grab my coat and 1. it was freezing and 2. I was still in my pajamas. Sigh. Everyone waited for the all clear which I thought would never come as the freezing winds blew right through me. Before we went in I'm sure I someone say "at least I didn't get caught in Elmo pajamas". Sigh. I mean I know I'm a doofus but I didn't want the British to know! Anyway we were let back inside and everyone squished to get into the warmth - and me away from judgmental eyes.

Back to the readings - don't know how much more I can take. I took a photo of my room for you to see and my lovely washbasin as well. I figured I was trapped inside this room for most of today so you might as will envision me in it. Weird weather today also - sunny, cloudy, pouring, sunny and now dark! Miranda and I just had dinner and are going to watch a movie - I KNOW it sounds like we're dating but we're not. I don't think.


  1. I'm hurt that you don't want to date me... I'm a catch... I've got the "spunky American" thing going for me :)

    I'm glad we watched the Edward and Bella movie!! I had no idea that Vampire legends were so ill informed... who knew it was all about the bananas.

  2. now that shows you are mightily (?) bored - poor bubba in Elmo pjs

  3. they were totally just jealous of your well fit jimjams. love the pics of your little room, looks pretty cozy! miss you pheebs..

    ps i bought (well.. lucy bought) my plane tickets today! eek!
    pps billy madison is on on saturday.. and our favorite bit was in the ad. MAGOOO!.