Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The End of London (for now)

Today is the last day of Mum and my wandering about this big city. We didn't really know what to do with ourselves as we've covered so much ground - as you've read. So today we eventually crawled from the safety and warmth of our beds and sacraficed ourselves to the cold. So we went to Leicester Square to score some tickets to see "Phantom of the Opera" - success! Yes! Both Mum and I are huge fans of this opera despite seeing it many times. After our successes we wandered about the area and I found the BEST toy shop/ (I know, I'm sorry Hamley's but this was amazing) restaurant. It was the "Rainforest Cafe" and it had stuff everywhere! There were moving animals all over the ceiling, hiding in the various leaves, trees and foliage. Noises of the rainforest, a waterfall and rain that would drip out of the ceiling. I have a photo, you can see, but I couldn't capture the amazing-ness of this place. There was a huge robotic crocodile (Mum said alligator) that moved, blinked and roared in the artifical lake. It was great.

We went and had lunch in Carnaby Street which was bombarded by Christmas decorations. Though they are out a bit late they were impressive. Every couple of metres there was a huge inflatable snow man and snow flakes strung above you. You can see these in the photo.

After that experience we continued around the shops for hours (tee hee) until it was time for the Phantom! Typically they used those terrible theatre pop guns at various points which make me jump out of my seat everytime. Sigh. They did it in Les Mis as well so I spend my time in London theatres looking very absorbed in the drama as I have my hands up around my face to stifle the sound and shock of those stupid props! It was really good - it always is and the theatre (Her Majesty's) was beautiful. The show and everything was a present for Mum - birthday present! Ha she didn't want anyone to know.

Tomorrow we're off to Egham and I suppose the REAL Egham Chronicles can begin!

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