Friday, 30 January 2009

Directing and Studying

So I was holding off doing this blog yesterday just in case something interesting happened today. But it didn't. Two for one blog once more!

This morning (which is now Thursday morning) I got up to have some delicious grapes which I had bought the previous day and whadda'ya know? Half the bag was empty! Great! I'm so glad I can give healthy nourishing food to the rest of the hall out of my own generosity and pocket. Sigh. Anyway today I had my directing class or rather man-handling class. The man-handling went down a notch today as the director put his hands on my shoulders and I got to hold Simon's hand. Very productive day. Last week we were told to choose one of the two scripts we were given and work out how we would direct it and this week the tutor would get each of us up to direct our chosen scene. Naturally, I had worked out a set design, blocking, sub text and different ways of acting out the scene. I wasn't chosen first which was relieving but the girl who went didn't seem to have done any work outside class as she went to sit down and said to the actors "let's just run the scene". The tutor then asked her about her set design and all that stuff. In the end she was the only who got to direct in the whole class while we all sat around watching. I was pretty annoyed that I could have shown off what I had down. Sounds terrible but I worked hard and was really anxious about it the whole week. Oh well... it was a fun class. For next week though we need to choose a scene from any play in the world for our assessment so for the past few days I've read loads of plays trying to choose one. It's really hard and I'm feeling that anxiety again...

That night Miranda invited me to go to "Royal Holloway's Got Talent" with her friends. First we went to the bar and I foolishly had a Strongbow and then had to wait in line to get in to the show which we thought started at 8 meaning doors would open before then. No. I was waiting in line until about 8:07 and my bladder was seriously going to explode. I rushed in, no scratch that, I flooded into the hall and ran to the loos only to bump into one of the acts performing practising in the loos. I felt weird using the bathroom while they were singing...Oh well. It was a good night. Met some lovely people and some of the acts were really amazing and some of them were not so amazing. There was one girl who read a poem that she wrote called "is it love" about the first time she fell in love. We all "awwwed" but were then shocked as the poem led to very sexual circumstances in detail. It was funny at the start but it got very graphic and afterwards Miranda and I turned to one another and were like "err did we just get raped?". Because the contest started at 9 I didn't get to bed until 2am. Ha ha it's funny because I was going to write yesterday how quiet it has been at night. That was until there girl diagonal from me had her door open, loud music, lots of people and smoke oozing from her room. So I called security. Then Miranda called security. Then I called security again. Finally a guard turned up and then as I pressed my face against my door I heard the guard say "You people need to leave there have been nine complaints about this party from different people so quiet it down". Yay there is someone on our team! The girl whose room it was decided to sweet talk the guard by saying "oh yeah it's really loud in this corridor can I have your security number too?". Sigh. Just as I went to bed and turned out the late the smoke alarm goes off! Miranda and I get downstairs and neither of us were surprised. Everything that goes wrong here is just typical now.

Moving on to today. Slow day. Reading more plays, messing about on the internet and visiting the library. I actually managed to find the books I was after in that rabbit warren of a library. It's silly because they put all the books on the outside of the study area and the floors squeak like I'm squishing mice. So all these poor people studying have to listen to me squeaking along as I try to find the book I'm after. I usually don't though so I walk back and forth. Creak creak creak.

Had dinner with Miranda and we've been planning our trip into London tomorrow! Yipee! Early start so I must be off. Toodles.
(Sorry there are no photos this time but I'm sure there will be heaps tomorrow)


  1. Hi Phoebe!
    I'm Miranda's Mom and I love reading your blog!
    Great writing... sooo interesting.
    You and Miranda are going to have such a fun day in London tomorrow!
    Can't wait to hear all about it. Takes lots of pictures!

  2. Hello Miranda's mom

    I'm Phoebe's mum = the blog (and piccies) all keeps me interested too (and I know everything is still OK). Waiting for the London report...