Monday, 26 January 2009

Oh What a Night

Ho ho! What an excellent two days I've had - just you wait. They were filled with romance, mystery, action and comedy. Now in case you hadn't noticed - I'm being sarcastic. Extremely sarcastic. In fact, these past two days so little has happened I haven't written a blog in wait of something to write about and I suppose this is it.


Yesterday, I chilled in my room and did some study, watched some movies, read and bummed around. Today I did pretty much the same thing but was woken at 8:30am for the weekly fire alarm. I knew it was coming as I lay there and yet it's so loud I still panicked when it went off. Dreadful thing.

Lovely blue skies. Actual sunlight flooding my room instead of...cold. Went to the library, bank and College shop for lunch. Passed by the letterbox in the hopes of getting a letter HINT HINT TO ALL THOSE READING THIS and Lo and behold there was a letter! Happy day! Thank you very much Hattie! So in case you do want to mail me something exciting or anything really my address is:

Miss Phoebe Black
Founders Hall W337
Royal Holloway
Egham Surrey

So I didn't do much else worthy of reporting. Oh I met the girl who lives next door to me and she seems very nice and friendly which is a relief - plus I think she has a TV which is very enticing. This evening is the main part I wanted to write about. Okay so Miranda and I had planned to go to this breast cancer fundraiser that was advertised on one of the notice boards. I get dressed (finally wearing something nice) and we head down to the Student Union for a couple of drinks and meeting new people. We get to the door and the security guards looks at us so I get my ID out in preparation when he asks "NUS card?". "I'm sorry what?" I replied. "Your NUS card"
"What's an NUS card?"
"It's blue"
"Okay well I have other ID instead"
"No I need your NUS card"
"What is it?"
"Its blue"
"Okay I get that but what is it for?"
"Do you go to this uni?"
"Yes here is my student card"
"No I need your NUS card"
"What is an NUS card though?"
"It's blue"
Enter other random, more official looking security guard
"Got your NUS card?"
"No, what is it?"
"I can't let you in without it sorry. You can get one for free here tomorrow morning. It's blue."

And with that we left! I mean did they want our money or not? No real answers we just couldn't work out what was going on. Neither Miranda or I were annoyed were just bemused by how hopeless they seemed and the fact that they didn't even know why they were following the rules they needed to follow. By this time I needed a drink so we walked to student bar "Medicine" and funnily enough this security guard asked for our NUS card. We stopped, sighed and fully expecting the same pointless responses asked what an NUS card actually was. This time, however, the guy knew something! Hooray! We needed a National University Students Card or something but we could go to the bar which was in our building because it was college affiliated. Finally understanding what we needed we couldn't be bothered going to this other bar so here I am in my pajamas once more! Now no one at home can say I'm not out there trying to do new things over here because England is standing firmly in my way! We were never told at orientation that we needed this stupid card. Anyway I didn't take any photos today so here a photo of where I live. Think 3 floors up and in the middle somewhere - that's my window. Oh and by the way everyone back home - Happy Australia Day!

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