Thursday, 22 January 2009

Therapising (?) once more

The funny thing is where I left off last time I was going to bed - drifting off into a relatively quiet sleep when, you got it, "WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE WEE" penetrated my very soul. I immediately freaked out, jumped out of bed, panicked because I couldn't find my ugg boots - left them in Miranda's room, found others, jammed them on shoelaces untied, grabbed a coat and bolted out the door. Back into the cold once more though this time I was slightly more prepared. All I was focusing on was the red light above the door which, when it stopped blinking, meant we could go inside. I couldn't find Miranda anywhere and assumed she was fine as I eventually crawled back into bed - adrenaline pumping. The most annoying thing was PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY QUIET before the alarm went off. I have to say I'm getting use to getting enough sleep. Or rather, I'm becoming nocturnal because people here are quieter during the day - go figure.

Right! On to the day I had. After the many hours of readings for "Theatre and Therapy" I assumed we were doing Dramatherapy this week. This means we focus on role-playing and all that jazz as opposed to playing music or whatever. It was a good class because the lecturer brought cake because it was her birthday! So there was cake to forward to which made the whole lighting candle ceremony a bit more palatable. During the break I tagged along with some lovely girls who took me to the popular drama hang-out which is a pub called the "Monkey's Forehead". It was very enjoyable and most interesting listening to the way they all talked. For example there was a very cute boy who was working at the bar who had a bum, and I quote, "that looks like two eggs in a hanky - gorgeous"! Another time was a girl who had to excuse herself to the bathroom by saying "Hang on I just need to wazz" or some such thing which I thought was hilarious. Anyway the class continued and we got to draw pictures and make up our own stories which was fun. Though I got a bit frustrated because when it came to revealing what our coping strategies were mine didn't really fit... Oh well I got a nice picture I suppose.

So that was Tuesday, now on Wednesday I don't have any classes and neither does Miranda so it becomes a day of catch up and various chores. We trooped into Egham once more for groceries - a girl's gotta eat okay? We explored the town a bit more today and Miranda was thrilled by the fact that there are 3 second-hand stores in this tiny town and secondly because Tesco had Ritz crackers in stock. Now when I say thrilled and I mean Miranda I mean her face lit up with happiness and she gave a little involuntary cry of joy. Tee hee. I have attached a photo of Egham high street - what little you can see in the photo is pretty much it so don't stress if I'm not being detailed enough.

Laboured all the back, uphill, to campus and dig a quick swap so we could find the laundry. Boy this blog is exciting. Anyway we found it and - man - did the fun begin. In fact, our laundry venture was so exhilarating for us that we documented it with hilarious photos – enjoy!

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  1. Are they grundies sidling into the machine? Happy days.
    The first wash in 2 weeks????