Sunday, 4 January 2009

Chillin' at her Maj's crib

That's right folks today I went to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. After waiting around for an hour and a half as the helpful website timetable was wrong - the guards turned up. Unfortunately, so did about a thousand other people. Wiggling our way through various people who had climbed up on things and one another we found a spot next to the fence and several crying children. It was quite funny because this one child did not stop crying the entire time and was having a major tantrum and could not be consoled by either parent. After it kicked and screamed about being put in its pram or held - it found itself on the ground. What an awful child.

Anyway back to the whole shebang. What an affair! They do this everyday?? There is an army truck, police officers on horses, more police officers on foot, police cars as well as the guards themselves! Ridiculous. So the whole process started with two gangs of the fuzzy hatted ones trooping in - one playing instruments and the others just marching about. Various members of the latter group were yelling and blowing whistles which must have made sense to someone I would hope. Inside the gates the must have marched about or got naked - I'm not sure there were too many people in the way but they all seemed very focused so who knows? I could feel the cold seeping through my skin so we gave up after I got a shot of the fuzzy men and me in front of the golden deluxe gates. Mum and I were joking that during the entire process the Queen was indoors scratching herself and wondering why there's so much racket downstairs.

After braving the cold - did I mention that today the weather forecast was -7? MINUS SEVEN. I wouldn't disagree because it was darn cold. After the Palatical ridiculous we went to see "The Lion King" which was quite good. Though on arrival we discovered some woman who had the same seat number as us and a whole debacle arose. Turns out our seats were fine but we don't know what happened to her - ah well. So yeah the show was pretty good. It was the Disney story of the Lion King but with various puppets and appendages that attached to the actors which were quite effective. Of course most of the audience knew the story but that didn't stop one little girl announcing after a gripping part of the story "Um that wasn't actually a surprise". The man sitting next to me smelt like tobacco, a second-hand store and moth balls. So all my senses were awakened during the show!

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