Saturday, 17 January 2009

Egham - so little to do, so much time

That's right I'm starting to get the jitters from being alone for so long and not doing much... It's a bit hard because I don't really know anyone apart from Miranda so I don't really socialise too much. It's worse right now because Miranda is in London and I'm here. I was going to go down there today but it would have been too expensive for me to try and stay with Caitrin and Sally so I'm going down for the day tomorrow - HOPEFULLY. So for the past two days I've been bobbing about - reading, watching movies errrrr yeah. Wow it's really windy right now my windows are rattling. No wonder the genre of the Gothic was created here in England - it's spooky!

Anyway yesterday Miranda was here for most of the day so, like I said, we watched movies and goofed off. Last night - the joys of this college continue - because the lights in the shower wouldn't turn on which meant I had to resort to having a bath. Something I haven't done for many years. The showers here are all in little individual cubicles with almost no room to turn around in let alone get dressed. Anyway that's the reason I wouldn't shower in the dark - scary. Later that night was fun as well (this is complete sarcasm) as various members of this college had too much to drink and kept me awake until 5am. I wish Miranda had been here to call security because I wasn't brave enough to. It's very frustrating because the hall really echoes and no matter where anyone stands in the hall they sound like they're in the room with me talking about - well not much to be honest. I have included a picture of the hall which is far brighter than it actually is. So when you look at it just squint your eyes a bit and you'll see the cave I wander through everyday.
Today I did chores to pass the time. I was so tried and in a zombie-like state that I couldn't concentrate and do my uni readings - everyone relax - I'll do them on Monday. I decided to walk down to Egham and get some more supplies because my previous lot were depleted. I learnt my lesson from last time I ventured far with groceries and brought my backpack so my shoulders wouldn't separate - again. It was a really lovely walk to the high street because there were blue skies and even though it was midday it felt like early morning. On my way back to the uni the sun made it look like late afternoon - I was out for about an hour and half. There is seriously very little sunlight here and it's totally messing with my body programming because by 5pm I'm ready for dinner and bed! Argh!

It's 8:37pm and bed is looking pretty appealing. It's a single bed and I'm not use to it. I've almost fallen out a couple of times now. Oh I also have attached a photo of the view outside my window which had a bunch of boys playing American football - Gridiron (?) so there was much shouting and so on. Hopefully tonight I'll get some sleep! Yay!

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  1. OMG, I'm seriously going to set something on fire if crazy drunks keep me up when I get home!!! Security, and the warden, and that nice police chief with the throat slashing stories will be getting a call from me so-help-me-Allah!