Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Egham - Ta Daa!

After trying repeatedly to pack our bags which would not close - surprisingly - after all our shopping. Subsequently, we were burdened with 4 extra bags (little bags mind you). We braved the way to the station, the train and the way to the hotel in Egham or rather the pub in Egham - with no lift. Some kind man helped us all the way despite our room being the furthest away! The people are much nicer here than in London and are all smiley and genuine which is a refreshing change. The town here is...small. Our hotel "The Wheatsheaf" is next to Windsor Park which is gorgeous.

Mum and I went out for a walk in it this afternoon and yep the lake in the photo is in fact frozen and that is frost on the ground. This would be the first time I've ever seen a frozen lake so naturally I had to find everything I could to throw on it and try to break the ice with my feet - only near the very edge like I'm going to try to walk on it! It's funny though because as we were walking around the edge there were several lonely soccer balls sitting on the ice tempting passer-bys "come and get me! A free ball! It's not that far out you'll make it and not fall in the water". During our walk there were loads of dogs bounding around their owners. One was very feisty and ran right up to us, lay on the ground, jumped about and ran off again to hear it's owner calling "Truffles! Truffles!". What a great dog name.

There was a random totem pole in the park which became our beacon of hope as we became lost after a while in the frosty mist. It was truly a magnificent park though - tall trees, greenery and animals! Little Robin birds bouncing along the ground, bunnies and squirrels scurrying about. I tried to take a photo of the squirrel I saw but it was too dark and the only thing you see in the photo is the squirrel's eyes which are all lit up - Demon Squirrel! Baaaa!

Anyway the pub we are staying at is really cute. There was no one in there when we got back from our walk (it was full beforehand) so we took a juicy spot by the fire, sinking into a couch (I took a photo) and proceeded to eat and eat and eat - because it was only just 5. I tried goose for the first time and rather enjoyed it. Followed that with a chocolate fudge cake and the evening was complete! Tomorrow we go to the uni to find and settle myself into my new room - Deep breath - here I go!

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  1. go on skype you bum! ps that photo at the top is probably the coziest thing ever. pps i miss you!