Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Class as usual on a Tuesday morning. Of course I immediately went out to get this illusive NUS card and found myself walking there, walking back to my room for a passport photo which I had in my wallet all long. Tried to laugh it off as I went back to the Student Union to get the all-powerful card. It's strange that for a card that's so important it was just her writing on it with a marker and then having me sign it. No fancy computer coded system of any kind. How ridiculous.

Lit the good ol' candle and talked about the readings which were dense. The differences between Dramatherapy and Psychodrama and small but evident. At least they were once they were pointed out... It was a good class though the room we are in (which is a Japanese theatre) is freezing. There are at least six heaters but it seems colder indoors that out. At the break we went to the "Monkey's Forehead" once more and I had a very average burger. Seriously I ordered it and about two minutes later out it came - very suspicious. After that we braved the cold and went back to class. We were supposed to have a fire alarm test at that time (my favourite activity) but it never happened so the rest of the lesson filled with anxiety and anticipation of that awful siren. Needless to say because we thought there were fire inspectors coming to monitor our behaviour during the drill we didn't light the candle again after lunch as usual.

Now the best part of the day was the night time. Having gained an NUS card Miranda and I dresses up and went to a drama production's launch which was Masquerade themed! Finally, I can be seen having bare shoulders! It was actually warm inside! After the ordeal last night about entry there was NO ONE on the door tonight so we breezed in and I got a half-pint of cider for ONE POUND! It was going to be a very good night. Found some girls from my drama class and introduced them to Miranda and we had a really good time chatting, drinking and joking. They had various live bands playing and they even had the "Royal Holloway Players" perform an improvisation sketch. I am going to join this group. I have sorely missed doing theatre sports since high school so hopefully they let me join and I can perform... I guess we'll all have to wait and find out.

The event had face painting which is why in this photo Miranda and I now have lovely drawings on our faces - not some allergic reaction to the delicious cider.
Due to the awesomeness of our face paint and the cool frame mirrors in the bathroom we had to take some photos - in the bathroom. It was a really nice night and some of the girls (mostly those organising the event) were really dressed up with masks, feathers and dresses. T'was very enjoyable even though Miranda didn't win the raffle which wasn't drawn until midnight which means - we were out most of the night! Yeah! Party animals!
Today (we're now on Wednesday) I did the usual stuff - going to Egham for groceries. We had a real good look through the high street today and found a wig shop which really represents the demographic of the area - old people and I guess bald teens?? I actually found something in a second-hand shop - a lovely mohair type hoodie which is nice. I also bought a Royal Holloway hoodie (from the college shop not the second-hand store this time) which is really comfortable and warm and I love it. Doubtless it'll make many appearances in future photos. Bought groceries and then lugged them all the way home. Buying a lot of liquids in one go is a stupid idea I learnt today. It was so funny because Miranda and I both had full backpacks and when we were waiting in line in another store we both leaned over and looked the turtles. It was pretty funny.
So I arrived back here once again and discovered a really new fun thing that the girls on this floor are doing which is stealing my food out of the fridge! Yay! I had been noticing that my juice was pretty empty last time I had some and that I had, for some reason, put just three grapes back in my grape bag. Hmmm... don't think I would have done that. Miranda has been noticing similar occurrences. Today though the spot on the plastic bag I keep in the fridge with my name on it had been ripped open! There you go someone ripped my name apart which is really encouraging. Nothing was being stolen and then the Wardens sent an email asking people not to steal other peoples' food at since then it's been happening. As if the girls on the floor were like "Oh that's right! We were stealing food last semester. No wonder my wallet has been empty - I've been buying my own groceries! Back to stealing!". Yipee. What a bunch of mature girls I live with or rather that I'm forced to live with.
We also found the common room today which is in Founders East. Note that I am in Founders WEST and that the East common room is the only common room for the entire population of Founders. Great. At least there was a TV though Miranda saw to that as she accidentally "fixed" the reception and the screen went fuzzy - so we ran. Tee hee!

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