Sunday, 18 January 2009

London - I just can't stay away!

Okay so getting up this morning really did feel like the crack of dawn. It was still dark at 7:00. Luckily I prayed to the weather gods last night and asked them to make it not rain today or be too cold - and they agreed! Another sunny day of clear skies and a smiling Phoebe. Anyway I got up, dressed, breakfast-ed and stomped out of the grounds to make the 8:16 train to Waterloo ("couldn't escape if I wanted to! Oooh oooo"). I was very safe and self-aware as I took the long route to the station as there are more people and street lights. I arrived a fraction early and bobbed about on the station waiting for the train. Unfortunately, on Sundays the train goes to really random stops and takes almost an hour instead of 40 minutes. Ah well I shut my eyes and had a little rest. I got to the station, hopped on the tube, changed at Piccadilly Circus and made my way to Covent Garden to meet Caitrin and Sally. It was really lovely to see some familiar faces (even though mum's only been gone a week). It's funny that Cat, Sal and I can't meet up in our country but can in England?? Ah well.

We were at Covent Garden at 9:30 and there was nothing open and no one around. I thought Brisbane was bad with the store openings but this place! Almost NOTHING was open until midday. So we trooped around Oxford Street and what not. We stopped and had a coffee to pass the time or rather we stopped at "Beard Papa's" for a hot chocolate and a strange fluffy pastry thing which they literally inject with cream. I had this photo taken as proof of my visit to this strange place - not to prove to the world that I still look like a moon-faced loon.

The shops opened and I was once more thrust into the world of lovely items and high, high prices. If I had a million pounds... It was a relaxed day and we spent it looking at various things chatting about our movements in the last... year really. We went to China Town for lunch and had a 4.95 pound buffet which was quality through and through. Let me put the meal in perspective - they served hot chips at this Chinese buffet.

It was all in the name of fun and we perused many bookstores and then returned to the markets at Covent Garden which were finally open and full of people. There is one shop in particular at these markets which is called "David and Goliath" which has cute drawings and funny captions on every piece of attire required. By this time the sun began to set and I had to leave these two lovely ladies and head home while there was some light. Took the tube back to Waterloo ("Oooh ooo") and got back on a train to Egham. It was still fairly light when I arrived so I hot footed it home and am back here red-faced as ever! Tomorrow will be a day of study. You read correctly. So whether I not I bore YOU with the details of my findings... well I guess you'll have to wait and see.

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  1. we have beard papa in brisbane you loon! at central station. go on skype soon you wang.. i have nothing to do this week until next week when i start babyshittin fo sho.