Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Learning Part 2

Had to be up at the crack of dawn this morning - well 8:45. It's not that light yet so it feels so early. I'm a sleepy sleepy girl. So I got up and got dressed made my way to "Ways of Directing" which is my other class here at Royal Holloway (I'm providing context for new readers). The students here are so lucky! They have so many drama stages and places on campus to enjoy. This studio was plain black with all available equipment like chairs and what not about the place. Nothing flash but it's a lot more practical than anything we have at home.
The class itself is 4 hours long without a break - though he did give us 15 minutes towards the end as we were all visible melting off our chairs. It's weird because here I'm doing 2 classes which is 9 hours a week and at home I would do 4 subjects and 16 hours a week. They told us when we arrived here that Royal Holloway has a lot more private study and reading to do like in preparation but so far it's been the same as what we would get at home... So I'm not really sure. They also have a different marking system here which is really harsh apparently. The International lecturer was saying that it's very rare for anyone to get over 70% ! That's not very much so they must mark really hard here which I'm worried about because I have 50% assessments for each - Yikes.

Anyway back to the class at hand. The guy who is our lecturer is really funny and honest. For example he gives us practical tips for dealing in the Director life and one of the most important things is to not sleep with your cast members - yes, I'll store that away. He's very funny but, as I said, very...honest. It was a good class I mean I did learn things - oh! - like the fact that "The Terminator" was written by a 70 year old woman. There you go. The things I learn.

I can't really say anymore about what happened in class because we didn't get up and do anything like the last class. Though with both classes I don't have any assessment after the Easter break because "they don't teach then" which basically means my second 7 week term will be doing whatever I want because I've finished my subjects! Crazy! Naturally, that's the time when I'm going to go to Euro Disneyland!

Had dinner this evening and had a delicious vegetarian stroganoff. It was weird because it had pickles in it. I ate it. I mean the food here is actually surprisingly good though they sell everything individually. So if you want carrots with your roast you'd pay extra for the carrots or whatever. The system works I guess. They have good desserts though as you can see by the photos of Miranda and I! Now I'm off to watch a movie in Miranda's room - the title is too embarrassing to admit so I'll will omit it and be off!

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