Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Ah yes...the Learning part...

I've come this far and just realised that I'm actually here to learn - not to shop and just have a general goof. Sigh. All these rules to life.

Yes, today was my first day of classes, or rather class because I only had one that went for five hours. I kid you not. It started at 11 and went to 5 (with an hour lunch break in case you were criticising my math ability). Long day. Especially because the subject is called "Theatre & Therapy". Now you're probably wondering what that entails... well so am I. As far as I can tell from the exercises today a drama therapist gets their "clients" (Oh yes I have to use their lingo) to build little houses for themselves around the room. That's right my very intellectual 2nd year class was spread around the room in little cubby houses with various paraphernalia that she had given us the option of using. My house consisted of several post cards lined against the wall with fabric draped over the table so I could be under the table. The only problem was that I had parked myself under the mood music and when she started giving instructions I had no idea what she was saying or the rules of the game so I began to follow everyone else. I hopped from one house to another trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. It's times like these when I really question whether I will have a job after this degree...hmmm. Well I guess this leads me to the opening and closing of the class which consists of a chosen guardian (her word) who gets to light and then choose how to blow out the candle at the end of the session. Stifling laughter is hard. All in all it seems interesting because once I got over the whole "this is wanky" sentence running through my head it was intriguing. The room our class is in is the Noh Theatre (which is pictured) and is the only Japanese style theatre outside of Japan. It's a beautiful stage and makes me think of all the time I spent doing Zen Zen Zo which was Japanese style theatre techniques - physical.

I met some very lovely girls in the class - they all dress so cool! As in one girl was in heels, another full make-up, perfect hair and so on! The pressure is on for next week. Though I was still in four layers, inside and cold. I'll never win.

I had dinner with Miranda this evening and we went to a free screening of "A Hard Day's Night" which features The Beatles. A hilarious film with all the songs and a bunch of lovable scamps. It made me love John Lennon which worked out well because Miranda was after George Harrison. It was funny because at the end of the film they do a concert and the girls in the audience go crazy! Every minute they're screaming, tearing out their hair, crying and mouthing the various band members names. Naturally, Miranda and I had to mimic this behaviour and on our way back to our rooms we began looking like we were having seizures. Good times. Had some delicious chocolate cake at dinner - I am eating healthy I swear!

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  1. haha pheebs i just had to laugh at your description of the course.. lordy lordy. at least it's not boring. hopefully next time you'll be the chosen one.. how will you blow out your candle? glad there were lovely girls in your class.. and that you saw hard days night! jealous! and ate something more delicious than college food.

    oh and i had my first interview today, now the scary one tomorrow morning and a trial.. eek! a little bit frightened! have fun tomorrow with your other classes..

    ps. you are plenty cool! do you think i would hang out with you if weren't?! jeez!